ALIBERICO committed to the Circular Economy: the time is now

Today, International Recycling Day, the event “Circular Economy: the time is now” took place at the Royal Botanical Garden in Madrid, organized and chaired by Teresa Ribera, Vice President of the Government and Minister for Ecological Transition, who also presented the new Waste Law.

The day was divided into several round tables, with the participation of the most representative companies from different sectors, including Endesa, Coca Cola and ALIBERICO, as leaders in the manufacture of aluminium products.

Clemente González Soler, President of ALIBERICO, outlined the high properties of aluminium, infinitely recyclable, as a strategic material to boost the Circular Economy and promote prosperity and sustainability in Spain. In his speech, he highlighted the “Zero Waste” environmental policy implemented in ALIBERICO ‘s factories, as well as the importance of increasing the recyclability of aluminium to minimize the carbon footprint, reducing electricity consumption by up to 95% with the manufacture of secondary aluminium compared to primary aluminium. It also means a greater independence of supply of this material in Spain.

ALIBERICO, committed to the Spain 2030 agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.