ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING donates computers to support Education

Summer camps are often the perfect way for children to keep learning and reinforce the knowledge acquired during the school year. Kids English Club, an urban camp 100% in English, is part of the activities of the English Academy IberEnglish.

At this camp, in addition to practising a foreign language, the children carry out science-related activities through experiments and projects. Among these projects are activities related to reverse engineering, that is, a learning process where children learn the technical aspects of a certain product, knowing how to detect which are the components that form it and what is the manufacturing process. This reverse engineering process is essential in the field of computing, more specifically, computers.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING, as part of its sustainability plan, has donated 20 computers to IberEnglish, so that the children at this camp can carry out experiments and tests, and thus develop their skills in the field of technology.

With this equipment, the children can see, learn and get to know what a computer looks like inside, how it works and how to make changes or adjustments while having fun and practising English.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING is highly committed to quality education (SDG 4) for children and provides tools for their development and in-depth knowledge, thus increasing their learning opportunities and future job opportunities.