aluNID®, high-tech material, present and future in the automotive world

The aluminium honeycomb core aluNID® is increasingly present in the automotive world thanks to its innovation, design and high performance. Its 100% aluminium composition makes it infinitely recyclable and 100% sustainable. Its lightness and resistance make aluNID® an essential material for the manufacture of automobiles of all kinds:

  • Conventional cars: thanks to the reduction in weight, they reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.
  • Electric cars: their lightness makes electric cars have a greater range.
  • High-speed cars: especially those of high competition such as Formula 1, offering better aerodynamic performance and lower weight.
  • Military cars: together with aramid fiber fabrics to absorb impacts in the event of an explosion.

In addition, its non-combustibility offers greater safety. aluNID® a 100% sustainable future material.

aluNID®, helping to create more sustainable cities and communities (SDG 11).