aluNID®, inside the pharmaceutical industry and new hospital areas

Thanks to the most advanced technologies in the aluminium market, aluNID® offers its clients in the pharmaceutical and hospital building sectors the best components, providing its exclusive honeycomb core to the main manufacturers of composite panels for clean rooms, laboratories and buildings hospitals in Europe.

At hospital, and pharmaceutical environments, cleaning and disinfection is essential to ensure that the tools and products they use are not contaminated and are safe.
aluNID® provides lightness, safety and quality, playing a fundamental role in all areas of the new pharmaceutical industry and new hospital areas.

The use of aluNID® honeycomb core panels in clean rooms is becoming more and more common; its impermeability, lightness and resistance make it an essential element for these highly sensitive environments. In addition, its assembly is very simple and fast, which speeds up the installation process and does not delay construction times.

aluNID® guarantees safe and efficient systems for new sanitary constructions (SDG 3).