larcore® technology, the best solution for eco-transport and smart cities

larcore® aluminium honeycomb panels, manufactured with unique technology worldwide, and customized to the maximum detail for each client, are increasingly in demand by the largest mass transportation manufacturers. larcore® panels offer incredible performance especially in terms of rigidity and lightness, as well as large dimensions, which means high savings in energy consumption and reduced CO2 emissions. In addition, larcore® panels are 100% recyclable, promoting Circular Economy, Sustainability and respect for the environment.

The larcore® technology manufactured by ALUCOIL and transformed into a customized solutions by ALINTRA SYSTEMS, will take part of the new fleet of 30 100% electric buses that Irizar e-mobility is currently manufacturing for the city of Madrid, promoting the Smart City concept; an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable city.

ALINTRA SYSTEMS, caring for people and the environment with aluminium advanced solutions.