The agreement allows Aliberico to advance with its technology in the field of energy efficiency within the building sector.

Aliberico, the Spanish multinational group in the aluminium sector, has reached a strategic agreement with Sunthalpy Engineering, the technological company specialized in the construction of 100% solar homes, through which it becomes a shareholder.

The agreement is part of the policy of technological innovation and development of new market segments undertaken by Aliberico, including energy efficiency within the building sector.

Aliberico, through its subsidiary Alucoil, a world leader in the manufacture of panels for facades of remarkable buildings, with its brands larson® and larcore®, will carry out an integration of its materials with the patented technology of solar capture of Sunthalpy Engineering, which will be added to the development of a set of solutions to optimize the energy of buildings.

Also, Aliberico will contribute to the development and growth of Sunthalpy Engineering through the set of technological and commercial synergies that Alucoil provides, with an organization present in 80 countries on five continents.

Sunthalpy Engineering has built in Oviedo, Spain, its first pilot house completely disconnected from any external energy supply. The property is already inhabited and is preparing to spend next winter maintaining all the comfort by simply using the sunlight -what the Asturian clouds let through- that falls on its facade.  This technological landmark makes possible today, in 2020, the objective marked to create a world free of greenhouse effect emissions in 2050.

Sunthalpy has created the low enthalpy solar building. It is a system of solar capture and accumulation integrated into the building, which is patented at European level and allows to convert into thermal solar panels of very high efficiency any facade or roof material (such as those manufactured by Alucoil) being able to cover all energy needs of buildings, even on completely overcast winter days.