Clemente González Soler participated in the Industrialized Construction forum at Rebuild 2021

During these days, the National Congress of Advanced Architecture and Construction 4.0, Rebuild 2021 has taken place. One of the most important architecture fairs on the international scene.

This space of convergence is where the leading companies of the sector meet to discuss the future of architecture: innovation, sustainability and digitization for this sector. The President of ALIBERICO, Clemente González Soler, has participated as a speaker in one of these events.

Within the Industrialization forum, under the slogan ‘Industrialization: Road with no return‘, important topics such as the industrialization of architecture, the challenges to overcome to implement industrialization in construction or how the industry can drive the transformation of the sector have been discussed. Also the evolution of materials, the investment in R&D, or the unification and planning of processes as a basis for promoting the industrialization of construction have been conversed.

Developing industrialized construction can ultimately lead to savings in processes, materials and something that is currently of great concern, which is the improvement of sustainability, the reduction of the carbon footprint and the recycling of materials to encourage the circular economy. In this sense, the President of ALIBERICO explained that « One of the fundamental pillars for the success of industrialization is the selection of MATERIALS, which lighten the weight, are recyclable, sustainable and offer high properties« .

The industrialization of construction in the housing sector is a great opportunity that is also accompanied by opportunities in other large constructions such as hospitals, hotels… Something that ALUCOIL® is already working on with its project for the creation and assembly of SANILUX, modular operating rooms and that in the near future, as ALIBERICO‘s President, Clemente González Soler, has revealed for the first time, will be accompanied by the creation of aluminium bathrooms in series.

In ALIBERICO we design today the materials of the future.