Great season 21-22 of CFF Olympia Las Rozas

The Olympia Las Rozas Women’s Football Club, sponsored by ALIBERICO, was born in 2015 with the only aim of promoting women’s sport, in particular football, from chilhood to adult stages. The Club has not stopped growing since its beginnings and continues to achieve success, consolidating itself in a sport with little female presence to date.

This season 2021-2022 has been marked by great football victories for CFF Olympia Las Rozas, which has achieved a historical promotion in its Senior categories; the Senior A team has played in First National League and Senior B have been League champions and have moved up to Preferente League; the Juvenil A team has been among the top places in its Group in Preferente Women’s Youth Football League.  Its Alevín B and Infantil B teams have been champions and runners-up, respectively, in the Community of Madrid League.  In addition to their victories in the Women’s Football League, they have also won a multitude of Championships and Tournaments. Recently, the Veterans team were runners-up in the Donosti Masters Cup and the Senior team won the Torneo de la Cerámica from Talavera.

All this has been thanks to the dedication, effort, willpower and desire that all the players show in every match.

ALIBERICO, which is committed to sport and equality as part of its Sustainable Development Goals plan, shares with CFF Olympia Las Rozas an identical culture based on values such as creating and trusting in people, teamwork and the passion and enthusiasm to achieve new goals, always within the framework of equal conditions and opportunities.

ALIBERICO, proud sponsor of CFF Olympia Las Rozas for promoting women’s sport, helping all generations to fulfil their dreams.