Sun creams protected with IBERFOIL’s aluminium, a product guarantee

During the summer months, the pleasant temperatures and the holidays, make possible to enjoy paradisiacal places like the beaches, trekking routes in the mountains or simply to spend a day accompanied by family or friends in the swimming pool, where, it is very important to protect the skin with a good sun cream.
It is normal that when you first open a cream, it has a thin protective foil of aluminium, which is key to ensuring that the product is in perfect condition and has all the properties intact.
IBERFOIL‘s aluminium does not rust and does not interact with the product, preventing it from coming into contact with external elements before its use. IBERFOIL‘s thin aluminium sheet is a guarantee of quality, with its use you can be sure that the product is in perfect conditions when you open it.
IBERFOIL keeps on taking care of you during your holidays. Always committed to health and wellbeing (SDG 3)