ALUCOAT implements Lean Manufacturing

In a increasingly challenging business environment, the operative efficiency has become essential to success. With the aim of improving and adjusting to market demands, ALUCOAT announces the adoption of the approach Lean Manufacturing in its business areas dedicated to the production of coated aluminium with thicknesses between 20 and 500 microns and aluminium honeycomb core, in order to provide greater value to its customers.

The approach Lean Manufacturing focuses on the improvement of production system by identifying and eliminating process or activities that uses more resources than necessary. Implementing this model ALUCOAT streamlines its operations and reduces waiting times by eliminating superfluous activities. This allows you to quickly meet market demands and deliver high-quality products and services more efficiently.

Aditionally, this new management model encourages innovation and operational excellence by actively involving employees in identifying improvement opportunities, thus promoting the value of continuous improvement. Thanks to this the company reduces operatives’ costs by minimizing waste, optimizes resources and reduces expenses related to excess raw material, downtime and production defects.

In summary, Lean Manufacturing model represents a big step towards operational excellence and long term-success. For this reason, ALUCOAT is committed to continuing to advance into efficiency, quality and innovation.

ALUCOAT, working for a more dynamic, efficiency and sustainable future.