The students of the Mechanical Vocational Training in Jaca visit again IBERFOIL

IBERFOIL strongly supports training so that young people acquire the necessary skills, particularly the technical and professional ones, which can help them when they enter the professional market.

On 19th October, the students and teachers of the mechanical vocational training course of the IES Pirineos de Jaca, visited once again the IBERFOIL facilities in Sabiñánigo (Huesca). The collaboration with this training centre has been in place for several years and aims to strengthen the relationship between training and business.  During the visit, the students were able to personally see the factory facilities and the production processes of rolling, cutting, separating and annealing.

The IBERFOIL team also carried out several training sessions for the students, highlighting:

  1. Mechanics, as a fundamental part of IBERFOIL‘s production processes, specifically pneumatics, hydraulics and the high-tech automatisms of the installations.
  2. The relevance of the different production processes, qualities and properties that materials must have depending on the application: food, pharmaceuticals, building, among others.
  3. About sustainability and the IBERFOIL Integra project, a benchmark in circular economy.

This initiative is very positively valued by the students and their teachers as they see and feel in a real factory all the knowledge they are acquiring in their training.

IBERFOIL, committed to quality education (SDG 4).