aluNID® reinforces its international presence and interacts with a new market: United States of America

Thanks to the constant effort and development of the latest technologies available on the market, aluNID® reaches the United States, offering excellent solutions in various sectors.

aluNID®, a specialist in the manufacture of honeycomb core panels, is present in various sectors, thanks to the versatility that this product has, and can be found in many applications. In the industrial sector, we can find it in floating ceilings for the oil industry, in architectural cladding, on building facades, in interior and exterior decoration. In the transport sector, in vehicle bodies, in train cars and ship components.

The honeycomb meets the most diverse needs of customers. In a world that is constantly advancing towards improvement, aluNID® becomes the perfect solution, adapting every day to the new applications and sectors in which it operates.

Custom aluminum honeycomb panels are produced at aluNID®using a wide variety of dimensions and cell sizes, depending on the application desired by each client and the necessary characteristics of the final product.

aluNID® investing in industry, innovation and infrastructure (SDG 9) and with a vision always oriented towards the future, it bets on leading markets, showing its commitment to customers and the wide range of sectors it can supply.