Insulax ® IP, the main product for the production of insulation

Summer and winter are the most intense season of the year in terms of temperature. Summer usually comes with heat waves reaching high temperatures and winter with cold waves where the temperatures recordered are very low. For these seasons, where most of the time is spent at home or in the office, thermal insulation becomes the best ally to achieve a greater sense of comfort.

For this reason, housing, building, shopping mall, hospital or any other enclosed space, are equipped with an insulation layer that protects them from external weather conditions and help to maintain the space with a pleasant and constant temperature. ALUCOAT has developed its flagship product INSULAX® IP, coated aluminium coils for the production of insulation panels with PUR (polyurethane) or PIR (polyisocyanurate) foam which are installed inside rooms and provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

Coated aluminium coils produced by ALUCOAT are an importer barrier against humidity, as being totally waterproof. Moreover, it is an anticorrosive material and has greater durability over time compared to others materials, in addition is a 100% recyclable and sustainable material On the other side the lacquers developed by our company provide an excellent resistant to weathering and U.V. light. For this reason, INSULAX®IP is the perfect solution for the production of insulation.

For those surface that requires specific treatment, ALUCOAT has developed the product INSULAX® IP+. This product has a special antibacterial coating exclusively designed to provide a high level of hygiene to the final panel. This product is designed for application in hospitals, food or pharmaceutical industry, sectors where hygiene is fundamental to keep health and wellbeing.

ALUCOAT, works to offer innovative and accessible solutions for the industry, looking for the welfare and comfort to end customer.

Great season 21-22 of CFF Olympia Las Rozas

The Olympia Las Rozas Women’s Football Club, sponsored by ALIBERICO, was born in 2015 with the only aim of promoting women’s sport, in particular football, from chilhood to adult stages. The Club has not stopped growing since its beginnings and continues to achieve success, consolidating itself in a sport with little female presence to date.

This season 2021-2022 has been marked by great football victories for CFF Olympia Las Rozas, which has achieved a historical promotion in its Senior categories; the Senior A team has played in First National League and Senior B have been League champions and have moved up to Preferente League; the Juvenil A team has been among the top places in its Group in Preferente Women’s Youth Football League.  Its Alevín B and Infantil B teams have been champions and runners-up, respectively, in the Community of Madrid League.  In addition to their victories in the Women’s Football League, they have also won a multitude of Championships and Tournaments. Recently, the Veterans team were runners-up in the Donosti Masters Cup and the Senior team won the Torneo de la Cerámica from Talavera.

All this has been thanks to the dedication, effort, willpower and desire that all the players show in every match.

ALIBERICO, which is committed to sport and equality as part of its Sustainable Development Goals plan, shares with CFF Olympia Las Rozas an identical culture based on values such as creating and trusting in people, teamwork and the passion and enthusiasm to achieve new goals, always within the framework of equal conditions and opportunities.

ALIBERICO, proud sponsor of CFF Olympia Las Rozas for promoting women’s sport, helping all generations to fulfil their dreams.


Advantages of aluminium for façade cladding

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ALUCOIL takes part in the European Union Green Week

The week of 30 May to 5 June has taken place the EU Green Week, one of the biggest European events on the environment, which brings together important personalities to discuss European environmental policy.

This year’s edition was focused on the European Green Pact and what are the strategies for sustainable and transformative growth of companies, paying special attention to the circular economy, zero pollution and biodiversity.

Miranda de Ebro has been one of the two Spanish cities selected by the European Commission to host a business event focused on environmental issues because it has 15 business projects related to the Green Economy.

ALUCOIL participated in the event, represented by its General Manager, Belén Martín, who in her speech presented the many and diverse advantages of aluminium, the company’s raison d’être. She highlighted the magnificent recyclability properties of this material, demonstrating that aluminium is the perfect example of circular economy, sustainability and green future. She also pointed out the strict Quality and Environmental Management policies to which the company is subject, and thanks to which its products are internationally certified.

In her presentation, Belén Martín also presented to the attendees the Sunthalpy housethe first house in the world disconnected from the electricity grid for more than a year and 100% self-sufficient, whose air conditioning system is made with larcore® panels and covered with larson® panels manufactured by ALUCOIL.

ALUCOIL has a clear objective in the short, medium and long term: to take better and better care of people and the environment, offering advanced solutions in aluminium.

ALUCOAT and aluNID® reaffirm their “know-how” in quality, environment and energy management

During these days, ALUCOAT specialist in coating aluminum coils and its division focused on the production of aluminium honeycomb core, aluNID®, have one again succeed expectations regarding legislation and ISO certificates applicable to their activity. After the external audit reaffirms its ongoing commitment to sustainable, quality production that respects people and the environment. 

As the result of the external audit, the certificates has been renewed:

UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015Quality management system, which shows the capacity of the company to provide products that meet the requirements of the customers.

UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management system, which certifies that the organization control all its activities, services and products that may affect the environment as well as the reduction of all the environmental impacts generated within its daily activity.

UNE-EN ISO 50001:2018 -Verifies that the company has implemented an efficient Energy management system which reduces the energy consumption, environmental impact and increases profitability.

The renovation of all these certificates is further proof of the importance of the customer for ALUCOAT and aluNID®.

Rigor through the production chain and the investment in quality, environmental and energy management system are the key to comply with the most demanding requirements of the market, therefore to be a supplier of the highest quality and reliable.

On the other side, aluNID®, is working on the implementation of the new management system according to the new European standard UNE EN  9100:2018, applicable to the aeronautical and aerospace industry sectors. This standard establishes the requirements to be met by the aluminium honeycomb, aluNID®, for its use in the different applications of the aeronautical and aerospace industry.

ALUCOAT and aluNID®, industry, innovation, quality, commitment and dedication.

The students from IES Pirineos de Jaca, visited IBERFOIL

On the 24th of May the students of FP of Mechanics of the IES Pirineos de Jaca, together with their teacher, visited the facilities of IBERFOIL. These facilities are located in Sabiñánigo (Huesca), and it is the only factory in Spain specialised in aluminium thin sheet rolling between 6mm and 6 microns.

The students were very interested throughout the visit and were able to see first-hand the inside of the factory, and what the reality of working in the world of aluminium is like. They were able to see IBERFOIL’s rolling, cutting, separating, annealing and packaging processes, what their uses are and how they prepare the material to finally send it to their customers.

The IBERFOIL technicians who accompanied them during the visit informed them about the mechanics used in the factory, such as pneumatics, hydraulics and high-tech automatisms. They were also able to see the new Edelweiss Rolling Mill and the new Tension Leveller in full operation. The technicians also told them about the new IBERFOIL Integra project and informed them about the vital importance of recycling, the circular economy and IBERFOIL’s commitment to a sustainable future.

This visit was the perfect way for the students to get in touch with the industrial reality and to be able to bet on a job that is based on aluminium’s world. In IBERFOIL, they will find a future in line with their qualities and will be able to develop their professional value.

This action brings together specialised students and the labour needs of the factory, leader in the aluminium rolling sector.

IBERFOIL, committed to quality education (SDG 4) and decent work (SDG 8).


Madrid, 12 May – Clemente González Soler, President of the industrial and technological group ALIBERICO, has been appointed today as President of the Spanish part of the Morocco-Spain Economic Council (CEMAES).

The appointment was made at the proposal of CEOE, made by its president, Antonio Garamendi, at the General Assembly that this organisation held today in Casablanca.

In turn, Clemente González Soler has proposed José Ignacio Pino de la Chica, Country Manager of Caixabank in Morocco, for the position of vice-president.

ALIBERICO has two aluminium production plants in Morocco. One of them in Casablanca, ALUCOIL MAROC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the group, specialises in the manufacture of aluminium composite panels and is the leader in Morocco in the segment of facades for singular buildings.

Furthermore, through this subsidiary, ALIBERICO is a partner in ALUMINIUM DU MAROC, a listed company and the largest manufacturer of extruded profiles in Morocco and on the African continent. Clemente González Soler is a member of the Board of Directors of ALUMINIUM DU MAROC and coordinates the strategy and investment area of the company.

On the Spanish side, 30 Spanish companies with interests in Morocco are represented in CEMAES, as well as other leading Moroccan companies in their respective fields of activity.

Among the Spanish companies that make up the institution are Balearia, Banco de Sabadell, Santander, Bergé, Garrigues, Cuatrecasas, Gestamp, Naturgy, Sener and Vectalia.

 The CEMAES General Assembly also appointed the Moroccan businessman Adil Rais as co-president of the institution in representation of Moroccan companies, together with Clemente González Soler, and the businessman Ayman Cheikh-Lahlou as co-vice-president.

CEMAES is a business institution created at the initiative of the Confédération Générale des Entreprises du Maroc (CGEM) and the Spanish Confederation of Business Organisations (CEOE), which brings together businessmen and economic organisations from Morocco and Spain.  Its objectives include promoting collaboration and business integration between the two countries, with a special focus on SMEs.

CEMAES was created in 2013 as a result of the collaboration agreement signed by both organisations in Rabat in the presence of Their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain and Morocco and government representatives from both countries.

ALUCOIL’s participation in Rebuild 2022, a total success!

ALUCOIL has participated in collaboration with SPANS BUILDING TECH, SANILUX and SUNTHALPY in the 5th Edition of REBUILD, the National Congress of Architecture 4.0 focused on the digitization and industrialization of the construction sector through environmentally friendly solutions.

This year, the Congress, has broken attendance record with more than 17,000 participants who have been able to see first-hand the most innovative and sustainable solutions that ALUCOIL exposed and, also, have been able to attend to many conferences such as the interesting talk on the new relationship between automotive, housing and electrical industry in which participated the President of ALIBERICO, Clemente González Soler.

The Manager of SPANS BUILDING TECHGleb Y. Blanco, gave a conference where he explained how the latest generation of industrialized facades are and all the present and future advantages for the construction industry, such as the reduction in execution times, overall costs and generating 0 waste on site.

Omar Suárez, General Manager of SUNTHALPY , participated in a colloquium where they talked about what will be the future of society towards zero demand and zero consumption, to achieve self-sufficiency in our homes and not depend on non-renewable energy sources.

For his part, Miguel Zandio, President of Grupo Premo and his team presented at the ALUCOILstand the unique and state-of-the-art characteristics of the materials they use in their modular sanitary facilities, such as the SANILUX hybrid operating rooms.

With a strong leadership in the building sector, ALUCOIL makes clear its strong commitment to the most sustainable and innovative materials for the present and the future.

ALIBERICO acquires 100% of the Aragonese company IDALSA, Spain’s second largest aluminium casting and recycling manufacturer

As part of its comprehensive Sustainability Plan, ALIBERICO has closed the purchase of 100% of the Aragonese company Ibérica de Aleaciones Ligeras (IDALSA), Spain’s second largest manufacturer of aluminium smelting and recycling, which is the first of its acquisitions in the liquid aluminium sector, with the aim of committing to the circular economy and a green and sustainable industry.

IDALSA has a 300,000 square meter plant in the town of Remolinos, near Zaragoza (Spain), and recycles 60,000 tons of liquid aluminium from scrap metal per year.  The company currently produces 45,000 tons per year of aluminium ingots in different formats and compositions, mainly for the automotive industry. The company has a workforce of 49 workers and in 2021 had a turnover of 75 million euros, of which 70% comes from its exports to countries in Europe, America and Asia.

This investment is part of the ALIBERICO Group’s Sustainability Plan, which focuses on boosting the Circular Economy and drastically reducing CO2 emissions, and certifies the Group’s commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In early 2022, ALIBERICO started up its first self-consumption photovoltaic installation at its Alicante factory, RedBOND Composites, with the aim of obtaining environmental benefits equivalent to avoiding the emission of 200 tons/year of CO2 into the atmosphere and the planting of 400 trees. ALIBERICO is also currently implementing the IBERFOIL INTEGRA project in Sabiñánigo (Huesca, Spain), which involves the construction of a new factory in an area adjacent to the current IBERFOIL lamination plant. The new plant will be entirely dedicated to scrap recovery, smelting and coil manufacturing, and is set to become a benchmark for the Circular Economy in Spain.

With the incorporation of IDALSA, ALIBERICO now has 21 factories in the world, of which 17 are in Spain, in 9 Autonomous Communities, and another four abroad, exporting 70% of its production and selling its products in more than 90 countries in the 5 continents. ALIBERICO operates with technologically advanced aluminium products and Premium brands recognized as world leaders in the packaging, building, surface treatment, transportation, industry and renewable energy sectors.

ALUCOIL presents at REBUILD the most advanced and sustainable industrialized technologies for the building and construction sectors

Alucoil’s collaboration with Spans Building Tech and Sunthalpy results in a comprehensive solution that provides speed of execution, cost savings and is 100% sustainable.

Madrid, April 26th – Alucoil, a multinational company belonging to the Grupo Alibérico and specialized in the manufacture of advanced building materials, presents in Madrid, within the framework of the Rebuild fair, the most innovative and sustainable industrialized construction technologies on the market, as a result of the collaboration that the company maintains with three other Spanish firms specialized in advanced building solutions.

Alucoil, present in the most singular works in more than 90 countries in the five continents, will attend the Rebuild fair, open during April 26th, 27th and 28th, with its own stand, located in Hall 10 – D419.

Alucoil has this year the collaboration of three other companies that have pooled all their proprietary technologies. They are  Spans Building Techmanufacturer of industrialized modular facades, with an innovative system that drastically reduces installation times and waste on site; Sunthalpyengineering company that created the low enthalpy energy management technology used to build the world’s first 100% off-grid solar building in the Atlantic climate; and Saniluxmanufacturer of modular sanitary installations presents in the most cutting-edge hospitals and clinics.

Visitors will be able to learn about these new solutions and see in situ the first industrial low enthalpy facade module measuring 3×3 meters, which is part of the structure of the stand itself.

The module features high-performance façade cladding, in terms of rigidity and lightness, manufactured by Alucoil; a modular structure system developed by Spans Building Tech  and the Sunthalpy system, which implements its low-enthalpy concept on this structure by transforming its exterior finish into active elements that supply the building with electrical energy.

Alucoil‘s collaboration with Spans Building Tech and Sunthalpy results in a comprehensive solution that solves the current challenges of construction by providing a unique system under the pillars of speed of execution, cost savings and a 100% sustainable solution.