ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING, through the CEOE Foundation, makes a donation to several NGOs

Since last March, on the issue of the crisis caused by COVID-19, the economy and society have been seriously affected. Many people have had to turn to organizations that ensure that everyone has access to basic goods.
Faced with this situation, and through the CEOE Foundation, ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING has not hesitated to collaborate in solidarity and has donated more than 200 rolls of aluminium and 140,000 food containers to three NGOs to help the neediest people and ensure that the meals they offer are kept in perfect condition and can be served and transported easily.
Un inicio para todos“, an association that helps young people in vulnerable situations, “Fundación hospitalaria de la orden de Malta” which was created to help groups in need of special attention and “Fundación Altius” which was created to help those affected by the lack of employment, have all been very grateful for the donation.
ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING takes care of people with advanced solutions in aluminium. It is committed to the eradication of poverty (SDG 1), the fight against hunger (SDG 2) and health and well-being (SDG 3).

Sun creams protected with IBERFOIL’s aluminium, a product guarantee

During the summer months, the pleasant temperatures and the holidays, make possible to enjoy paradisiacal places like the beaches, trekking routes in the mountains or simply to spend a day accompanied by family or friends in the swimming pool, where, it is very important to protect the skin with a good sun cream.
It is normal that when you first open a cream, it has a thin protective foil of aluminium, which is key to ensuring that the product is in perfect condition and has all the properties intact.
IBERFOIL‘s aluminium does not rust and does not interact with the product, preventing it from coming into contact with external elements before its use. IBERFOIL‘s thin aluminium sheet is a guarantee of quality, with its use you can be sure that the product is in perfect conditions when you open it.
IBERFOIL keeps on taking care of you during your holidays. Always committed to health and wellbeing (SDG 3)

aluNID® impact resistant core

Thanks to high resistance-crushing ratio, Aluminum honeycomb aluNID® is an excellent energy absorber, making it one of the most efficient and safest materials on the automotive market.
aluNID® provides the ideal material for shock absorbers and driver protection against impacts and crash barriers, being the best alternative for the automotive industry, in addition to the railway, aerospace or nuclear industry where it is also used.
The “accordion effect” of the honeycomb aluNID® makes it deformable when it receives impacts or diverse forces, so in the event of a collision, the core will absorb all the energy, reducing the impact on the conductor. Thanks to this versatility and high resistance, the aluNID® honeycomb core is the perfect alloy for automotive body car because it is key to driver performance and safety.

aluNID® light, strong and with a custom design based on the specifications of each client, collaborating to maintain people’s health and well-being (SDG 3)

Coated aluminium, our reason of being

Aluminium, the third most common element in the earth’s crust, has wide variety of properties: it is light, resistant to corrosion, good energy and heat conductor, odourless, impermeable, good reflector and 100% recyclable. These properties can be improved thanks to a special extra coating that improves its performance as well as its appearance.

At ALUCOAT we are experts in coating aluminium and adding excellent properties to this metal, which is part of our daily lives.
At ALUCOAT we are dedicated to lacquering aluminium liquid in thickness between 20 and 500 microns with a wide variety of coating specially designed for each application and final use.

With our R&D department focused on the innovation and development of new products, our lacquers provide aluminium with properties adapted to the end use to be given such as: resistant to corrosion, to U.V. rays, to sterilization to hydrophilic behaviour, heat sealing to various supports or even antibacterial properties.

Complying with extensive regulations applicable to each sector: FDA (protecting public health and guaranteeing the food safety and drugs), RoHs (guarantees the restriction of dangerous substances in electrical and electronic appliances), Reach (manages the risks that some substances or products may pose to health and the environment), EU 10/2011 (regulation on materials intended to come into contact with food), among others, satisfying the expectations and requirements of a wide variety of sectors, manufacturing and marketing customized solutions to each customer.

ALUCOAT, committed to our activity and our customers, health and well-being (SDG3)

ALUCOIL DESIGN 2.0, discover the new update!


ALUCOIL, manufacturer of advanced building materials, launches its new update of ALUCOIL DESIGN.

A year ago, ALUCOIL launched this tool to make available to the user the wide range of colours and finishes with which it works on its larson® and larcore® panels.

This useful tool for professionals dedicated to the building industry, allows you to get a real idea of how our finishes look when applied to buildings.

Together with the range of colours you have a technical sheet with all the details of the product, including in which materials they can be applied.  So, you can compare and choose more quickly and easily from your computer or mobile device.

The new update, more intuitive and navigable, have a new search box, where you can search for specific buildings, colours, architects or types of building.

One of its great advantages is that you can order samples and contact our sales representatives from the same website.

Doesn’t that sound good? Don’t wait to discover the new version!

Mohamed EL ALAMI new Chairman and CEO of Aluminium du Maroc

On June 29th, in Tangier, the General Shareholders’ Meeting of Aluminium du Maroc, the largest aluminium extrusion manufacturer in Morocco and the entire African continent, was held to approve the 2019 accounts and to appoint Mr. Mohamed EL ALAMI as the new Chairman and CEO. The Shareholders’ Meeting also confirmed Clemente González Soler, President of GRUPO ALIBERICO, as a member of its Board of Directors.

Aluminium du Maroc is a company listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange, with its main aluminium extrusion plant in Tangier and the shareholding of ALUCOIL S.A.


Granted by EFCL and ADEFAM, certifies that Aliberico work centres meet the requirements of hygiene, cleanliness and social distancing aimed at the control and prevention of Covid-19.

Madrid, June 30th. – Aliberico, the first Spanish and European family group that manufactures semi-processed aluminium products, has obtained the BSAFE certificate for its headquarters in Madrid and its various factories in Spain.

This seal, awarded by EFCL (Family Business Association of Castilla y León) and ADEFAM (Family Business Association of Madrid), certifies that Aliberico work centres comply with the requirements of hygiene, cleanliness and social distancing aimed at the control and prevention of Covid-19.

In this way, the central offices of Aliberico (Madrid) and the factories of Iberfoil (Sabiñánigo), RedBOND (Alicante), Aliberico Food Packaging (Madrid), Alucoat (Linares), Alucoil and Alintra Systems (Miranda), already have this certification that accredits them as “clean and safe” work spaces.

Since the beginning of March, when the Covid-19 health crisis broke out, Aliberico and all its factories have been adapting to the new situation with the implementation of strict protocols that have allowed them to maintain the supply to customers over time and protect employees.

Aliberico has made hygiene in its workplaces extreme by increasing cleaning and disinfection services both in open spaces and for shared use, using products recommended by the WHO. Likewise, it has established the minimum social distance in all work stations and made an effort to disseminate and train, supported by posters on the premises, to raise awareness of the new health and safety regulations.

Other measures implemented in the Group’s work centres have consisted of providing employees with all the necessary protective material, such as masks and hydro-alcoholic gel, and encouraging private transport, facilitating vehicle access to the factories.

KPMG is the entity in charge of auditing the procedures and activities implemented in the companies applying for the BSAFE seal.

Aliberico is a company that subscribes to the objective SDG 3 of the United Nations, in order to guarantee a healthy life and promote the well-being of citizens.

“Strengthening the protection and safety of our workers, suppliers and customers has been our main concern since the beginning of the pandemic. With this objective in mind, we have established strict health and safety protocols that have now been endorsed with BSAFE certification. However, their implementation in record time and in such an effective manner would not have been possible without the effort and commitment of our employees to continue providing the best service,” says Clemente González Soler, president of Aliberico.

IBERFOIL invests in Industry, invests in Future

IBERFOIL continues working in the facilities of its new building, which will have more than 4.500 m2, where a new production line will be installed for tension leveller of aluminium coils that will continue to increase the quality and range of products to be able to enter new markets, especially in the sectors with more delicate aluminium thicknesses.

IBERFOIL, specialized in aluminium rolling, is committed to innovation, investing in infrastructure and industry (SDG 9), creating jobs and increasing its presence in an environment that is increasingly demanding and changing.

Many months of effort have gone into setting up this new project, so don’t miss out on how the process has evolved over all this time.

IBERFOIL, committed to a sustainable future full of opportunities.

ALIBERICO, more than ever, committed to the Environment

ALIBERICO‘s environmental and total quality policy, based on “zero waste“, recycling, sustainability and the use of the circular economy of aluminium, is in force in all its factories, which serve a global market of over 80 countries, placing them at the forefront in the sectors in which they operate.

All the companies that make up ALIBERICO comply with strict regulations and quality standards based on “eco-efficiency”, a set of practices carried out by the factories to reduce the environmental impact of production activities, in addition to recycling all surplus material and reintroducing it into the circular economy.

All the factories carry out their operations under the ISO 14.001 certification, which is the international standard for Environmental Management within the industry. At the same time, depending on the speciality of each factory, other specific certifications are added in order to guarantee the maximum quality of their products.

In a world that is increasingly aware of and involved with the environment, the demand for sustainable, reusable and recyclable products is booming. These are the characteristics of aluminium, the star product of the present and the future. 70% of the aluminium produced in the last 100 years is still in use or circulation, and the use of recycled aluminium saves 95% of energy.

ALIBERICO, committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) promotes health and well-being (SDG #3), invests in industry, innovation and infrastructure (SDG #9), promotes sustainable cities and communities (SDG #11), and commits to sustainable consumption and production patterns (SDG #12), in its action for the Climate (SDG #13).

Hidetech® Light, the new revolutionary installation system for larcore® 6mm panels

ALUCOIL with a 20 year experience on manufacturing cladding products has designed and launched a new very agile and fast installation system for the 6mm larcore® honeycomb panels.

ALUCOIL’s technical department has developed this system for the cladding of buildings offering a lightweight solution with panels of 4,19kg/m2 and with a fire class A2-S1, d0. The larcore® panels installed with the new Hidetech® LIGHT offer a unique solution for ventilated facades with a great rigidity, lightweight and one of the best fire classifications. It is also an ecological solution since all its materials are made of aluminium. The honeycomb core does not contain any mineral or plastic filler therefore is a 100% recycable and sustainable solution.

ALUCOIL has designed an exclusive web site for Hidetech® LIGHT  as the main source of information for professionals.

If you would like to know more, you can also send us an email to and our comercial and technical department will soon contact you.

ALUCOIL committed with a more technological future designing and offering innovation each day.