aluNID®, 3/8”cell drilled honeycomb core

aluNID® has developed a 3/8 ”cell drilled aluminum honeycomb core. A new configuration that, without losing its characteristics of resistance to fire and corrosion, improves the stability and lightness of the product, while optimizing air circulation in composite panels.

With this new product, aluNID® Drilled, a totally new, flexible and resistant honeycomb is available for sale, conceived for interior design systems, as well as for air flow systems in ventilated panels.

The aluNID® honeycomb core is manufactured with the most advanced technologies, innovating day after day, and improving the efficiency of our products.

aluNID®, in continuous development with market advances (SDG 9).

Aluminium, the safest material against coronavirus

The new COVID-19 virus that is hitting the entire world has had a huge impact on our daily lives. In order to prevent it from spreading further, we must keep an eye on the health and safety measures recommended by the WHO.

In February 2020, in the renowned newspaper “The Journal of Hospital Infection“, a scientific trial was published which was aimed at studying the durability of the coronavirus on different surfaces such as: plastic, wood, glass, aluminium, paper, latex and PVC among others.

The study, which can be read in (I), concludes that, taking an equal temperature for all surfaces, for example 21ºC, aluminium is the surface where the virus persists the least, with a “resistance” of between 2 and 8 hours, well below the other surfaces studied where the virus “resists” from 2 to 6 days.

It also indicates that, in order to avoid the transmission of the virus, it is essential to constantly follow cleaning and hygienic habits of the surfaces with disinfectant products based on a specific chemical composition and the constant washing of hands and use of gels with alcohol, measures to be followed indicated by the WHO.

Aluminium is therefore a material with a very low virus persistence index, it is safer than other materials against COVID-19 and, following the measures indicated by the WHO, it does not have a significant impact on the transmission of the virus.

Alibérico has always promoted and designed aluminium products due to their high performance, their infinite recyclability and now as a safer material against COVID-19.

Source: (I)


The agreement allows Aliberico to advance with its technology in the field of energy efficiency within the building sector.

Aliberico, the Spanish multinational group in the aluminium sector, has reached a strategic agreement with Sunthalpy Engineering, the technological company specialized in the construction of 100% solar homes, through which it becomes a shareholder.

The agreement is part of the policy of technological innovation and development of new market segments undertaken by Aliberico, including energy efficiency within the building sector.

Aliberico, through its subsidiary Alucoil, a world leader in the manufacture of panels for facades of remarkable buildings, with its brands larson® and larcore®, will carry out an integration of its materials with the patented technology of solar capture of Sunthalpy Engineering, which will be added to the development of a set of solutions to optimize the energy of buildings.

Also, Aliberico will contribute to the development and growth of Sunthalpy Engineering through the set of technological and commercial synergies that Alucoil provides, with an organization present in 80 countries on five continents.

Sunthalpy Engineering has built in Oviedo, Spain, its first pilot house completely disconnected from any external energy supply. The property is already inhabited and is preparing to spend next winter maintaining all the comfort by simply using the sunlight -what the Asturian clouds let through- that falls on its facade.  This technological landmark makes possible today, in 2020, the objective marked to create a world free of greenhouse effect emissions in 2050.

Sunthalpy has created the low enthalpy solar building. It is a system of solar capture and accumulation integrated into the building, which is patented at European level and allows to convert into thermal solar panels of very high efficiency any facade or roof material (such as those manufactured by Alucoil) being able to cover all energy needs of buildings, even on completely overcast winter days.

ALUCOIL in the BCI Asia

Facing the actual situation caused by the COVID-19, the view of the life and business that all of us used to had, has been completely changed. In the case of fairs and face-to-face events, companies have seen themselved obliged to be adapted to the new situation, using the benefits of the digital environment to continue the direct contact, as well as the proximity, with customers.

To claim the prevention measures in fairs and events, the physical attendance has been cancelled for the time and the spreading of virtual platforms is at its peak. That happened in the BCI ASIA, the last 19th October, in which ALUCOIL participated as speaker, offering an interesting web-conferece about its larson® and larcore® products and their alternatives and uses in the architecture, especially in the airport one.

Participating actively in this kind of online events, ALUCOIL continues being closed with its customers, is adapted and overcomed to every kind of situations, offering its best efforts.

ALUCOIL investing in Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (SDG 9).

ALUCOAT, aligned with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

ALUCOAT, specialist in lacquering aluminium between 20 and 500 microns develop actions in its daily activity to collaborate with Sustainable Development Goals.

The activity of our plant, like any other industrial activity, generates waste. From the aluminium lacquering process, all the residues that are generates are properly treated, thus preventing the proliferation of unmanaged waste and residues, and thus avoiding the contamination of the water resources of our ecosystem by leaks and/or possible spills (SDG 6).

Moreover, aware of caring for the planet and optimization of resources, an Energy Management System ISO 50.001, has been implemented in the plant, whose objective is to reduce the consumption of the energy supply, as well as the increase in renewable energies and the reduction of CO₂ emissions into the atmosphere (SDG 12).

All these actions form part of our Good Environmental and Energy Practices where we show not only the procedures that must be complied with by law, but also a list of improvements that guarantee compliance and good work of ALUCOAT.

ALUCOATcommitted with the environment and natural resources. Fighting for the future of the planet and the well-being of future generations (SDG 13).


This 4th edition of the forum, a meeting point for enterprises, entities and organizations interested in knowing jobseekers, will be by virtual due to the Covid-19 situation.

Next Wednesday 21st October, in the website and other companies will introduce themselves as well as the profiles looking for them. Additional information about more companies and a mailbox to receive CVs will also be available.

In this way and being adapted to the actual situation, the mentioned forum and all the companies on it are constantly betting for Miranda and its residents, creating new opportunities, encouraging the employment and  training (SDG 9).


The powder coating designed by ALUCOIL for laminated products:
    • It is of high quality.
    • It has an advanced composition, allowing to bend it at 0T (180º) without cracking.
    • It allows to lacquer both coils and sheets without altering the flatness of the product.
    • It has excellent weather resistance and anti-corrosion behaviour, with a guarantee of up to 10 years.
    • Its use has a low environmental impact.
    • It is one of the best coatings in the building, industry and transport sectors.

If you would like a sample, please contact us!

linfoil®, preserves your food and takes care of you

ALUCOAT, specialist in lacquering aluminium coils, offers, within its wide range of products, linfoil®, a material that is used for the manufacture of lids in the food sector and that complies with European regulations, as well as FDA for direct contact with food.

With linfoil®, ALUCOAT guarantees the best conservation of the lids thanks to the quality and durability of the lacquered aluminium. This, together with its excellent sealing properties, compared to plastic, has very good printability so that the designs are fully customisable according to each customer’s specifications.

In addition, thanks to its high resistance to light, heat or cold and humidity, it prevents food from coming into contact with external agents that could modify its properties or taste. This makes linfoil® the most versatile, customisable and sustainable solution because the aluminium is a 100% recyclable material.

With different thermosealing options, linfoil® is the ideal solution for the manufacture of lids for dairy products, like milk, pâté or jam packaging, among others. Within the range of solutions that ALUCOAT offers, you can find:

It also has some special products for those foods that, due to their composition, require special properties, being resistant to the usual sterilization processes in the food industry such as:

ALUCOAT, always committed to innovation (SDG 9), quality and good service.

aluNID®, inside the pharmaceutical industry and new hospital areas

Thanks to the most advanced technologies in the aluminium market, aluNID® offers its clients in the pharmaceutical and hospital building sectors the best components, providing its exclusive honeycomb core to the main manufacturers of composite panels for clean rooms, laboratories and buildings hospitals in Europe.

At hospital, and pharmaceutical environments, cleaning and disinfection is essential to ensure that the tools and products they use are not contaminated and are safe.
aluNID® provides lightness, safety and quality, playing a fundamental role in all areas of the new pharmaceutical industry and new hospital areas.

The use of aluNID® honeycomb core panels in clean rooms is becoming more and more common; its impermeability, lightness and resistance make it an essential element for these highly sensitive environments. In addition, its assembly is very simple and fast, which speeds up the installation process and does not delay construction times.

aluNID® guarantees safe and efficient systems for new sanitary constructions (SDG 3).

termolac® launches its new video!

termolac® is the high quality powder coating designed by ALUCOIL for laminated products. Its advanced quality and composition allows coils, sheets and panels to be bent at 180º without the paint cracking.

termolac®, combines high durability properties, excellent mechanical characteristics and does not alter the flatness of the products. All this, together with its unlimited range of colours makes it one of the best coatings in the market in the building, industry and transport sectors.

The work with termolac®, in addition, supposes a low environmental impact, thanks to its manufacture without solvents, that obtains zero emissions of toxic gases.

The termolac® coating is especially recommended for the construction of cassettes for facades; casts with aluminium finish, galvanized steel, deep-drawn metal processes…

Don’t wait to find out more about this product, watch the video!