Aluminium recycling lead the change to sustainable industry

Recycling within industrial sector plays a key role in protecting the environment, conserving natural resources and reducing polluting gases.
Industrial companies have the potential to become change agents by adopting effective recycling practises.

ALUCOAT, specialist in coating aluminium coils is subject to a strict environmental management policy integrated into the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle all the resources and waste that are generated during production process. Of the little waste that is generated, almost all (more than 90%) is sent to specialized waste managers to its treatment and subsequent recycling.

The company has developed a policy focused on promoting green aluminium and works with its suppliers so that most of the aluminium with which it works is recycled aluminium.
One of the advantages of using recycling aluminium is the energy saving. To produce one kilogram of recycled aluminium it is necessary a 95% of energy less than producing one kilogram of primary aluminium. It also means an important reduction of C02 emissions to the atmosphere, saving about 9 ton of CO2 for every ton of recycled aluminium. Furthermore, aluminium can be recycled endlessly times without losing its properties during the process, which favours circular economy.

ALUCOAT, promoting recycling as a commitment with the environment.

Clemente González Soler, president of Aliberico, awarded with the “Medal of Madrid”, granted by the Madrid City Council

Clemente González Soler, president of Aliberico, has been distinguished, in a formal ceremony held at the Palacio de Cibeles, headquarters of the Madrid City Council, with the Madrid Medal in recognition of his contribution to Madrid society as executive president of IFEMA, the Madrid Trade Fair Institution, from 2016 to 2020.

During this period, Clemente González Soler managed to boost trade fair activity and double the institution’s turnover, and also managed to push the profit revenue to an all-time record.

Among the actions led by Clemente González Soler during these years was the organisation, in just 18 days, of the COP25 Climate Summit held in Madrid in December 2019.

Likewise, on 20 March 2020, when the pandemic was declared by COVID, he was boosted on request by the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, to build a field hospital with 1,200 beds and 42 ICUs at the IFEMA facilities in just 29 hours. During the 40 days that it remained operational, between 20 March and 1 May, this emergency health centre managed to save the lives of 3,800 people.

In his speech, after receiving the Medal of Madrid, Clemente González Soler recalled that he accepted the Executive Presidency of IFEMA because it was a proposal agreed by the four parties at that time represented in Madrid City Council, and took the opportunity to testify to the debt he has always felt for this city, where he studied Aeronautical Engineering and became an independent entrepreneur in 1996.

“In Madrid was where I felt free for the first time in my life and where I could realise my dreams”, said the entrepreneur, who already has 52 years of experience in the aluminium sector.

Madrid is also home to the headquarters of Aliberico, a world reference in the aluminium sector, which currently comprises 38 companies, with 21 factories spread over 3 continents, 17 of which are in Spain.

ADEFAM highlighted the work of Clemente González Soler on its 20th Anniversary

On 8 and 9 May, the 20th Anniversary of ADEFAM, Association for the Development of Family Businesses in Madrid, was celebrated.

The first day was attended by more than 200 people, among them Clemente González Soler, President of ALIBERICO, who enjoyed a private guided tour and dinner at the Prado Museum with Javier Fernández-Lasquetty, Minister of Economy, Finance and Employment of the Community of Madrid.

The following day, the 20th Anniversary Ceremony of the Family Business Association of Madrid, ADEFAM, took place at the Santander Auditorium. An emotive event that highlighted the Association’s achievements and activity over the last twenty years.

Victoria Plantalamor, current president of ADEFAM, led the opening ceremony, which was also attended by the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida and the president of IEF, Andrés Sendagorta.

The conference, hosted by Ana Samboal, the prestigious journalist who is already a regular at this type of event, interviewed, among other personalities, Pelayo de la Mata, Marqués de Vargas and president of Grupo Vinícola Marqués de Vargas.

ADEFAM also wished to commemorate the former presidents of the Association for the fundamental and strategic role they have played for the Association and, in particular, recognised and highlighted the work of Clemente González Soler as president of the Association for more than 5 years.

The closing ceremony was led by Victoria Plantalamor and Javier Fernández-Lasquetty, in which they gave an interesting reflection on the current situation and the economic outlook for the region.

aluNID®, certified quality for the marine industry

After a rigorous evaluation process and constant work and effort, the aluNID® honeycomb core has achieved the international MED-IMO certification.

This certificate, known worldwide as the “Wheel Mark of Conformity with the Marine Equipment Directive (MED), certifies that both the production process and the product, aluNID®, comply with the highest quality standards applied in its manufacture. It verifies the safety that aluNID® provides in the operation of the different equipment made with this product that has been installed on ships in the European Union. It also certifies that the aluminium honeycomb manufactured by ALUCOAT has the non-combustible properties required to obtain this important international certificate.

With this certification, aluNID® enters the naval industry through the front door, as it did previously in the aerospace industry. Undoubtedly, its high quality and its unbeatable technical qualities such as stiffness, lightness and non-combustibility, make it a product difficult to be replicated, which has earned the trust of many large companies at international level.

aluNID®, sailing towards excellence.


During her visit she was accompanied by the president of Iberfoil and Grupo Aliberico, Clemente González Soler, and other regional and local authorities.

The company is developing the Iberfoil Integra project, a new plant that will produce 30,000 tons of green aluminium coils per year and will be a benchmark for the Circular Economy in Spain.

The Minister of Science and Innovation, Diana Morant, visited the Iberfoil factory in Sabiñánigo (Huesca), the only aluminium thin foil rolling company in Spain, specialised in very thin thicknesses, for the packaging, pharmaceutical and food sectors.

During her visit to Iberfoil‘s facilities, the minister was accompanied by the president of Iberfoil Aragon and president of Grupo Aliberico, Clemente González Soler, along with the mayoress of Sabiñánigo, Berta Fernández; the president of the Huesca Provincial Council, Miguel Gracia; the government delegate in Aragón, Rosa María Serrano; the councillor for Citizenship and Social Rights of the Government of Aragón, María Victoria Brito, and other local authorities.

Grupo Aliberico acquired in 2014 the Iberfoil factory in Sabiñánigo, and made significant investments between 2017 and 2019 to equip it with a new cold rolling mill.

A new project is currently in progress, called Iberfoil Integra, which consists of a new production plant on an adjacent 45,000 square metre site. This building will be equipped with five aluminium recycling furnaces and two continuous casting lines that will produce 30,000 tons of green aluminium coils per year.

Iberfoil Integra will start test production in September 2023 and will be an industrial benchmark in the field of the Circular Economy in Spain, as it will recycle all the scrap generated by the 17 plants of the Grupo Aliberico in Spain, in addition to those from its own customers.  This will enable it to achieve its autonomy in its raw material supply sources.

ALIBERICO, today and always supporting woman

Today is International Women’s Day. ALIBERICO today and always has considered a priority to promote equal opportunities in all aspects of an equitable and fair society.

ALIBERICO has always based the professional development of its employees on meritocracy, regardless of ethnicity, religion or gender, analysing the performance, effort and dedication of each person in the company. As a result, 52% of management positions are currently held by women, a very significant figure, especially in an industrial sector.

In addition, ALIBERICO sponsors, among other initiatives, the Olympia Las Rozas Women’s Football Club, which supports girls and women to fulfil their dreams, removing stigmas and barriers that still exist in the sporting world. The collaboration, which began in 2020, has been very successful, the result of the effort, enthusiasm, passion and commitment of the players. These same values, are the ones that have made the women of ALIBERICO a key player in the development of the business.

ALIBERICO with women, sport, and with a fairer and more inclusive future for everyone.


Within the Circular Economy investment criterion, Iberfoil has obtained the best score thanks to its Iberfoil Integra project, an essential and strategic initiative for Spain.

Iberfoil Aragon, has been recognised by the Government of Aragon with the Aragon Circular Seal, which guarantees that the company complies with the standards specified by the regional administration in its Order EPE18/2022 of 21 January on Sustainability and Circular Economy.

For the award of this seal, the technicians of the Government of Aragon have assessed Iberfoil‘s degree of implementation of the Circular Economy principles in its management, its impact along the value chain and its contribution to achieving a more sustainable, decarbonised, resource-efficient and competitive economy.

Likewise, among other aspects of Iberfoil‘s activity, the eco-design of its products, the exhaustive analysis of their life cycle and the current certifications related to circularity of the company have been highlighted.

Specifically in the evaluation criterion relating to investment in the Circular Economy, Iberfoil has obtained the best score thanks to its Iberfoil Integra project, an initiative that is essential and strategic for Spain due to its circularity, as it will melt aluminium scrap to convert it into new green aluminium.

The Aragon Circular project was born in 2020 as a sign of the Government of Aragon‘s commitment to the circular economy. Its objective is to create a political, economic and social framework that allows Aragon to transition towards an innovative circular economy, generating quality employment and structuring the territory.

The award ceremony of the Aragon Circular Seal, chaired by Javier Lambán, President of the Government of Aragon, and with the presence of Marta Gastón, Minister of Economy, Planning and Employment of the Government of Aragon, took place on January 31st, in the Sala de la Corona of the Pignatelli Building, headquarters of the regional government. During this event, 72 companies of the region were recognised with this distinction.


New player’s equipment for the Juvenil A team. Let’s go for Olympia!

Olympia Las Rozas Women’s Football Club has presented the new player’s equipment for the 2022-2023 season for the Preferente Juvenil A team, which is sponsored by ALIBERICO, who announced its renewal as sponsor last July.

The new player’s equipment, produced for the first time by the well-known German brand Adidas, has a modern, youthful and elegant design. The first equipment is dark blue and the ALIBERICO logo stands out on the front, which is divided in half into a plain part and a dotted part. The second equipment is mint green, a very trendy colour at the moment.

Last season was marked by great football victories for CFF Olympia Las Rozas; achieving historic promotion in several categories. This season, almost all of its teams play in the First Women’s League and the Preferential Women’s Football League, and the senior A team plays in the First National League.

With this renewed image, the CFF players will take to the field with the aim of continuing to fulfil their dreams, demonstrating the effort, perseverance, tenacity and dedication that characterises them.

ALIBERICO, proud sponsor of the Olympia Las Rozas Women’s Football Club , is still committed to continue helping to open the way and fulfilling dreams.

Let’s go Olympia!

The students of the Mechanical Vocational Training in Jaca visit again IBERFOIL

IBERFOIL strongly supports training so that young people acquire the necessary skills, particularly the technical and professional ones, which can help them when they enter the professional market.

On 19th October, the students and teachers of the mechanical vocational training course of the IES Pirineos de Jaca, visited once again the IBERFOIL facilities in Sabiñánigo (Huesca). The collaboration with this training centre has been in place for several years and aims to strengthen the relationship between training and business.  During the visit, the students were able to personally see the factory facilities and the production processes of rolling, cutting, separating and annealing.

The IBERFOIL team also carried out several training sessions for the students, highlighting:

  1. Mechanics, as a fundamental part of IBERFOIL‘s production processes, specifically pneumatics, hydraulics and the high-tech automatisms of the installations.
  2. The relevance of the different production processes, qualities and properties that materials must have depending on the application: food, pharmaceuticals, building, among others.
  3. About sustainability and the IBERFOIL Integra project, a benchmark in circular economy.

This initiative is very positively valued by the students and their teachers as they see and feel in a real factory all the knowledge they are acquiring in their training.

IBERFOIL, committed to quality education (SDG 4).