IBERFOIL becomes a sponsor of SD Huesca Women’s Team

IBERFOIL, the company within the Grupo ALIBERICO specializing in the manufacture of thin aluminium sheet, has closed a sponsorship agreement with Sociedad Deportiva Huesca to support its women’s football team. The agreement will run throughout 2024 and will give visibility to the brand of the Aragonese industrial company on the field and on the digital assets of the women’s team.

The agreement between IBERFOIL and Sociedad Deportiva Huesca was presented this morning at the company’s offices in Sabiñánigo by its General Director, Pedro María Jiménez Gastón, and the Director of the women’s section of SD Huesca, Azucena Garanto.

This sponsorship is part of IBERFOIL’s commitment to ESG criteria (environmental, social, and governance) and the company’s Sustainability Plan, and aims to collaborate and promote sports and equal opportunities.

Sociedad Deportiva Huesca launched its women’s section in the 2017/18 season with the aim of promoting healthy lifestyles and developing values ​​of coexistence, sportsmanship, and camaraderie.

Currently, their first team plays in the Second Division RFEF, after ascending to this category last season, and they have five more teams: First Territorial, Second Territorial, and three Football 8 teams: one in Alevín-Benjamín and two in Infantil-Cadete, with more than a hundred players in total.

IBERFOIL and the women’s football section of Sociedad Deportiva Huesca share the vision of believing in and trusting people, always on equal terms and opportunities, and participate in an identical culture around objectives and values ​​such as teamwork, effort, passion, and the excitement of reaching new goals.

At the contract signing act, Pedro María Jiménez Gastón stated: “Both at IBERFOIL and in the Grupo ALIBERICO, we are proud to promote women’s sports and to help the players achieve their dreams.”

For her part, Azucena Garanto, director of the women’s football section of SD Huesca, highlighted: “It is a pleasure that a company like IBERFOIL is betting on women’s sports, aware of all the effort and work behind these footballers. Today we take another step to highlight women’s football.”

ALUCOAT certifies in Aluminium Stewardship Initiative ASI, its commitment to sustainability in the aluminium value chain

ALUCOAT is very pleased to obtain the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) Certification for Performance Standard (V3 2022) as a commitment to improve sustainability throughout the aluminium value chain, all our stakeholders, and with SDG 17 Partnerships for the goals.

ASI is the only comprehensive voluntary sustainability standard initiative for the aluminium value chain, setting 59 criteria under the three pillars of sustainability: Environment, Social and Governance.

ALUCOAT is in the process of implementing improvements focused on the sustainability priorities proposed by ASI in their strategy (2030-2050) such as:

  • Climate change, where aluminium accounts for around 2% of CO2 eq global emissions. It is required an aluminium sector aligned with 1.5°C and therefore a low carbon aluminium. ALUCOAT, as part of its commitment to SDG 13 Climate Action, calculates the Carbon Footprint (Scope 1 and 2) and increases the percentage of recycled aluminium in its products. It also has solar panels installed and ISO 50001 certification, contributing to the reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions.
  • Circularity, where aluminium is 100% recyclable and experiences no loss of properties or quality during the recycling process. To achieve this, ALUCOAT focuses on aluminium utilization measures, reducing raw material consumption. ALUCOAT also implements sustainable water management and carries out segregation and separation by aluminIum alloys. All of these efforts are highlighted by the recent attainment of the Zero Waste Certificate. These actions align with SDG 6 Clean Water and Sanitation, SDG 7 Affordable and Clean Energy, and SDG 12 Responsible Production and Consumption.
  • Positive nature, improving the resilience of our planet and our societies in aspects of ecosystems, habitats, species and biodiversity. Where measures such as sustainable water management and the commitment to increasing the use of recycled aluminium, as opposed to extracting primary aluminium, are related to SDG 14 Life Below Water and SDG 15 Life on Land.
  • Human rights, as a broad and cross-cutting issue throughout the supply chain. ALUCOAT promotes respect for human rights in new industrial projects and significant organizational changes, community development, workers’ rights, and occupational health and safety management with its ISO 45001 certification. This aligns with SDG 5 Gender Equality, SDG 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth, and SDG 10 Reduced Inequalities.

IBERFOIL collaborates in the COSMOS FESTIVAL in support of the Down Syndrome Association of Huesca

IBERFOIL is participating as a collaborator in the COSMOS FESTIVAL, a new cultural charity event in support of Down syndrome, which will bring together various cultural activities in an inclusive and energetic atmosphere. As part of IBERFOIL’s commitment to ESG, support for causes that positively impact the community is key, such as this opportunity to promote inclusion.

The Festival, jointly organized by the Down Syndrome Association of Huesca, the Huesca City Council, and Veintiuno, will take place on March 16th at the Auditorium of the Huesca Congress Palace. It will begin at 7:30 p.m. with the performance “Dancing in Inclusion,” an inclusive show aimed at reclaiming music and dance as a form of expression, liberation, and sharing, while eliminating prejudices and stereotypes surrounding performing arts and society in general. This performance will be by the Music and Dance group of the Down Syndrome Association directed by Pablo Pérez and Cristina Pérez. After a break for dinner, the local group Domador, in an acoustic format, will present their 2022 album nominated for Best Album at the Aragonese Music Awards. Following that, the legendary group La Guardia will make a stop at this festival as part of their 40th-anniversary tour.

Tickets are already on sale. Don’t miss out and join us at this charity festival!

IBERFOIL, committed to a more inclusive world.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING supporting the most vulnerable people with a donation of 270,000 aluminium containers.

In an act that underscores its social commitment, ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING has decided to actively contribute to the work of the Fundación CEOE by donating 270,533 aluminium food containers. The Fundación CEOE is an organization dedicated to social projects and programs aimed at promoting sustainable development and improving the quality of life for various groups, particularly the most vulnerable.

In 2020, ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING donated 140,000 containers to the Fundación CEOE, and at the beginning of 2024, it has significantly increased its contribution with the aim of reaching and assisting more people, demonstrating ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING’s strong commitment to corporate social responsibility and its desire to make a positive impact on society. These containers, known for their quality and durability, will be allocated to various specific initiatives of the Fundación CEOE.

This solidarity collaboration serves as an inspiring example for other companies in the sector. With the goal of building a more promising future for communities, ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING positions itself as a key player in promoting social well-being and solidarity.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING, for a more responsible and supportive future, is committed to eradicating poverty (SDG 1), fighting hunger (SDG 2), and promoting health and well-being (SDG 3).

ALUCOAT, certified in Zero Waste

In its continuous drive towards more sustainable practices, ALUCOAT, a specialist in aluminium coating ranging from 20 to 500 microns and the manufacturing of aluminium honeycomb, has obtained ZERO WASTE CERTIFICATION, reinforcing its contribution to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 12: Responsible Consumption and Production. This certification attests that over 90% of the waste generated by ALUCOAT is recycled and transformed back into raw materials, highlighting ALUCOAT’s ongoing efforts to promote a sustainable production model.

This certification, endorsed by AENOR, reflects ALUCOAT’s commitment to responsible waste management and its active participation in the circular economy. ALUCOAT’s dedication to the environment, circular economy, and the fight against climate change is demonstrated not only in its daily processes but also in its current Sustainability Plan. This plan encompasses present and future initiatives that ALUCOAT is undertaking in the areas of Environment, Social, and Governance. Furthermore, this commitment is evident in the constant pursuit of new products and the implementation of Eco-design in each of them.

ALUCOAT stands out as a benchmark in sustainability in the industrial sector. Its ongoing actions are focused on improving the consumption of natural resources, reducing Carbon Footprint, and minimizing Water Footprint.

ALUCOAT is forging a more sustainable future with each step.

IBERFOIL achieves ISO 50001 Certification in Energy Management Efficiency

IBERFOIL, a specialist in advanced aluminium solutions, celebrates the achievement of ISO 50001 certification in Energy Management, reflecting its commitment to sustainable business practices.

ISO 50001, a leading standard in management systems, has acknowledged IBERFOIL‘s efforts to assess energy consumption, analyze its usage, and enhance energy efficiency. The certification is the outcome of specific initiatives implemented by IBERFOIL to optimize its energy consumption and promote sustainability in its operations.

Key initiatives undertaken by IBERFOIL to attain this accreditation include conducting a significant study of energy usage for each machine in the plant and establishing baseline metrics for calculating energy performances. The benefits of adhering to this standard include improved energy efficiency in facilities, reduction and control of energy costs, regulatory compliance, and the curbing of CO2 emissions and carbon footprint.

IBERFOIL, by achieving this certification, takes a significant step towards a more sustainable future, reaffirming its dedication to environmental care. This new certificate supplements IBERFOIL‘s existing certifications in quality (ISO 9001), environmental management (ISO 14001), and occupational health and safety, further solidifying its commitment to sustainability practices.

IBERFOIL, one step closer to a greener world.

ALIBERICO takes part in Madrid’s Corporate Run: Health and Teamwork

ALIBERICO showcased its commitment to health, well-being, and teamwork by participating in Madrid’s Corporate Run on Sunday December 17th. This event seamlessly blends sports with the business realm, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 3: “Good Health and Well-being.”

ALIBERICO‘s involvement in this run goes beyond mere competition, focusing on strengthening bonds among its members and advocating for a healthy lifestyle. The event provided an opportunity to share experiences in a setting distinct from the usual workplace environment.

Valuing participation in events that contribute to well-being and team cohesion, ALIBERICO aligns itself with the principles of SDG 3. The company continues to champion health, well-being, and teamwork with every stride.

ALIBERICO, propelling health, well-being, and teamwork with each step.

RedBOND first European Aluminium Composite Manufacturer, CARBON NEUTRAL certified

The attainment of this certification signifies a milestone for the Aliberico Group and is the outcome of continuous efforts to reduce its environmental impact and take responsibility in the fight against climate change.


RedBOND Composites, an ALIBERICO Group company specialised in manufacturing aluminium composite panels for digital printing and visual communication, VISCOM, has become the first European manufacturer within its sector to achieve CARBON NEUTRAL certification, effectively meaning the company emits zero net CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.


The CARBON NEUTRAL certification represents another step in RedBONDs Sustainability Plan implemented over recent years and stands as a fundamental pillar of ALIBERICO’s corporate strategy. This vision materializes daily across the Group’s factories, aiming for CARBON NEUTRALITY; the decarbonization of its manufacturing processes; the reduction of its activities’ environmental impact; the recyclability of its products; and the use of renewable energies.


Precisely, ALIBERICO’s commitment to sustainability was recently reflected in its Iberfoil Integra Project, a benchmark in Circular Economy in Spain, which started operations a few days ago in Sabiñánigo (Huesca).


RedBOND, ALIBERICO’s first factory to achieve CARBON NEUTRALITY certification, already became in 2022 the first composite panel manufacturer to obtain the ZERO WASTE certification, accrediting that over 94% of the waste generated by the company is recycled and converted back into raw materials, promoting the Circular Economy and Zero Pollution model. This certification was successfully renewed again in 2023, maintaining its commitment to the green and sustainable industry. Additionally, the company has its solar plant, contributing 20% of its consumption.


In addition to audits by companies like AENOR to verify its Sustainability, RedBOND has also obtained certificates from the Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition “Calculate, Reduce, and Compensate”; the highest certification of scope 1+2.


Pioneering action in the sector


The CARBON NEUTRAL certification achieved by RedBOND and issued last November by AENOR involves offsetting its calculated CO2 emissions verified according to the GHG Protocol requirements. The offsetting has been certified in accordance with PAS 2060:2014, the most internationally recognized standard developed by the prestigious British Standards Institution, a member of ISO (International Organization for Standardization).


An essential element in RedBOND Composites’ progress towards CARBON NEUTRALITY has been its participation in various compensation projects, such as the Galicia Compensation Project, where 56,244 trees have been planted over a total area of 229 Hectares located in different areas of Monte de Paradela de Bermol, affected by a devastating fire in 2017.


“The acquisition of AENOR’s Carbon Neutral Certificate adds value to RedBOND and represents a differentiating element for the company in the market. It is also the result of ongoing efforts from the entire team to reduce our environmental impact, which is now 100% neutral,” states María González Armero, manager of RedBOND Composites.


“This new certification, pioneering in the sector, places RedBOND at the forefront of global action against climate change by joining the United Nations’ Climate Neutrality Commitment,” continues María González Armero, emphasizing “the company’s commitment to continue working on finding sustainable solutions and actions that benefit the company, society, and the planet.”

ALIBERICO employees volunteer at Aventura 2000 for a more charitable Christmas.

ALIBERICO employees showcased their social commitment by dedicating last Tuesday, November 28th, to collaborate with the Aventura 2000 Association. Aventura 2000 is a non-profit organization advocating for children’s rights through the development of socio-educational projects with children, youngs, families, and residents in the Amposta neighborhood in the San Blas Canillejas district of Madrid. This district stands as one of the most vulnerable areas in the city.

The charitable experience involved organizing and sorting toys for the upcoming Christmas Solidarity Market organized by Aventura 2000. This Solidarity Market, scheduled for December 16th, is the most anticipated event of the year for all neighborhood residents. People from other parts of Madrid and even other autonomous communities come to the market, providing an opportunity for the less fortunate to obtain toys and gifts for their families during the holiday season, ensuring that no child is left without a Christmas present.

With this charitable action, a close collaboration between ALIBERICO and Aventura 2000 begins. They aim to continue collaborating in more campaigns and advocate for this non-profit association that tirelessly works to make a significant positive impact, especially among the younger members of the neighborhood.

ALIBERICO supports impactful social initiatives.

ALUCOAT shines at the CPHI Worldwide fair, a Global Showcase for the Pharmaceutical Industry

ALUCOAT, specialized in aluminium lacquering ranging from 20 to 500 microns, has made its mark at the prestigious international pharmaceutical sector fair, CPHI Worldwide, held at Fira Barcelona from October 24th to 26th.

With over 30 years of experience,CPHI Worldwide is considered the world’s largest fair in the pharmaceutical industry, attracting professionals from all over the globe. ALUCOAT took the opportunity to strengthen its position as a key supplier in this strategic sector, providing lacquered aluminium used in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical solutions, such as blisters and pilfer-proof closures.

A star product from ALUCOAT is alupharm®, aluminium lacquer specially designed for blister production intended for a wide variety of medicines. During the event, ALUCOAT highlighted its significant contribution in the production of pilfer-proof type capsules and packaging for injectables through its product Alucoat® clopp. The latter, developed with special resins to withstand the rigorous sterilization processes of the pharmaceutical industry, has an improved version, Alucoat® clopp +, complying with regulations related to Bisphenol A (BPA).

Both ALUCOAT products offer optimal storage and conservation conditions, acting as a total barrier against light, moisture, gases, and any liquids. This level of protection ensures maximum quality and hygiene, enabling ALUCOAT to meet the strict FDA regulations and stand out in such a demanding industry.

During the event, ALUCOAT had the opportunity to strengthen connections with its current and potential clients, reaffirming its commitment to providing tailored solutions for strategic sectors. This commitment not only highlights excellence in the manufacturing of lacquered aluminium products but also reflects the more humane side of the industry and ALUCOAT’s strong mission to contribute to the care and well-being of people.

ALUCOAT committed to the pharmaceutical sector through quality and innovation.