ALUCOIL nimmt an dem XI Beschäftigungsforo von der UPV in Vitoria teil

Empleo Gune ist ein Beschäftigungsforo, das von der Stadtverwaltung von Vitoria Gasteiz in Zusammenarbeit  mit der Campus von Álava  und der Vaskenland-  Universität organisiert wird,  ein Ort , an dem  sich  Unternehmer ,die  Arbeitsplätze anbieten können ,   Studierenden, die kurz vor ihrem  Abschluss stehen und Arbeitsloser, die sich  auf der Suche nach einer Arbeitsmöglichkeit befinden, treffen können.

Diese  Neueauflage,was die Dritte an der ALUCOIL teilnimmt bedeutet, hat sich an  die jetztige  Situation  angepasst und wird virtuel ausgeführt. Zu diesem Zweck wurde ein exlcusives Platform entwickelt , dass mit allen verfügenden  Ressourcen ausgestattet wurde , um eine reibungslose Komunikation  zwischen Unternhemen und  Teilnehmern zu gewährleisten.

Ab sofort  und bis dem  20th  Mai  darf man auf der gleichen Platform  nicht nur  bedeutende Information hinsichtlich  der teilnehmenden  Firmen  und Einrichtungen finden sondern auch wurden  Stellangebote- und Ansprechpartner  ermöglicht , um  virtuel Kontaktmöglichkeiten drinnen des selben Platforms anzubieten.

Am kommenden 13 Mai wird der Tag sein , an dem  unsere  Angestellter der  Personalabteilung  den Foro-Teilnehmern durch die Virtuel-Plattform beachten  werden .Darüber hinaus werden  Online Seminare und Webinars im Laufe des Tages durchsetzen.

Die Anmeldung zur Teilnahme kann ab sofort bis zum 13. Mai unter folgendem Link erfolgen.

ALUCOIL, setzt sein Engagement für junge Menschen fort, um ihnen echte Chancen auf beruflicher Ebene zu bieten und neue Talente zu finden, und trägt so zu einer qualitativ hochwertigen Bildung (ODS 4) und zum Wirtschaftswachstum bei, indem sie stabile Arbeitsplätze bietet (ODS 8).

ALUCOIL engagiert sich für die Menschen und die kontinuerliche Verbesserung.

The president of Aliberico has been awarded with a prestigious award by the Community of Madrid

The award ‘Encomienda de la Orden del Dos de Mayo’, one of the highest decorations awarded by the Community of Madrid, has been granted this year to the president of ALIBERICO, Clemente González Soler, in recognition of his business career and his contribution to economic and social progress.

Together with Clemente González Soler, the singer Nacho Cano, the soprano Ainhoa Arteta, the neurobiologist Rafael Yuste, the president of the Royal Academy of History, Carmen Iglesias, and all the children of the region for their efforts during the pandemic, among others, have also been honoured.

The president of ALIBERICO has been recognised on many occasions by different institutions and the media, and is considered one of the most prestigious professionals in the aluminium sector worldwide.

The awards ceremony took place during the celebration of the Dos de Mayo festivities and was delivered by the President of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso in the courtyard of the Real Casa de Correos, headquarters of the Madrid Executive.


A commitment to sport and equality within its Sustainable Development Goals plan, creating a path towards a more prosperous and sustainable world.

Aliberico, the first Spanish and European private family group, manufacturer of aluminium semi-processed products, continues supporting women’s football in Spain with the renewal of its sponsorship, for two more seasons, to the Olympia Las Rozas Women’s Football Club, with which it has had a collaboration agreement since 2020.

The non-profit project was born in 2015 with the unique objective of promoting women’s sport, and particularly football, in all its categories and ages, from children to adults.

The agreement was signed this morning at the headquarters of Aliberico, between its president, Clemente González Soler, and the president of the Olympia Las Rozas Football Club, Sonia Soria Colino.

Aliberico and the Olympia Las Rozas Women’s Football Club share the vision of believing and trusting in people, always on equal terms and opportunities, and share an identical culture around objectives and values such as teamwork, effort, passion and enthusiasm to achieve new goals.

Since its foundation, CFF Olympia Las Rozas has achieved remarkable sporting success, placing several of its teams at the top of the various categories. At the moment, both its Juvenil Preferente and Senior A teams are at the top of the rankings.

Indeed, it has been attitudes such as the effort and determination of its players to give their best in every match, which have determined ALIBERICO‘s decision to continue supporting the Club.

During the contract renewal ceremony, Clemente González Soler, president of Aliberico, said: “At Aliberico we are very proud to be part of the CFF Olympia Las Rozas family, to promote sport and to be able to help the players to achieve their dreams”.

Sonia Soria Colino, president of Olympia Las Rozas Football Club, said: “I am very proud to be able to renew the partnership for two more seasons with Aliberico, because in addition to sharing the values of sport, it shows that it is a modern and friendly company that truly believes in equal opportunities. It is a privilege to be able to count on a company that suffers with our defeats and enjoys our victories, a company that helps us and gives us stability. Society needs more entrepreneurs like Clemente”.

IBERFOIL’s strong commitment to a better world

With the aim of achieving the eradication of poverty, eliminating inequalities and protecting the planet by 2030, IBERFOIL focuses all the efforts of its activity on complying with the agenda set by the United Nations, which is supported by 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The most important objective for the company is people, which is why it dedicates and invests great efforts in training its employees (SDGs 3 and 4) and in providing new opportunities for future generations, collaborating with Vocational Training Centres and Universities in the area (SDG 8).

Strongly committed to innovation, the future and industry (SDG 9), it has recently expanded its infrastructures with the new Tension Levelling Line in order to be able to enter new markets with innovative and high-quality products.

On the other hand, it is deeply concerned with the environment and with quality policies based on a sustainable future, carrying out strict controls throughout its production process that guarantee maximum use of the raw material with which it works, aluminium, and therefore ensure responsible production and consumption, both of resources and of the energy used (SDGs 6, 7 and 12).

Furthermore, thanks to the properties of aluminium, it is possible to recycle and reuse the surplus material an infinite number of times without losing its properties during the process. This means that its ecological footprint and environmental impact are drastically reduced as nothing is wasted from this raw material, and everything enters back into the infinite circular economy (SDGs 13 and 15).

There is still a lot of work to be done to achieve the goals set by the UN, but IBERFOIL is confident that through the values it promotes in its workers, the effort and enthusiasm of society as a whole, these goals will be achieved and, to this end, it will continue to work and focus its business strategy on achieving a better world.

ALUCOAT is celebrating its anniversary!

ALUCOAT celebrates 20 years, a long history where effort, commitment, enthusiasm, hope and dedication have resulted in exponential growth since it was acquired in 2001 by ALIBÉRICO.

Located in Linares, Jaen and with 80.000 sq. of facilities, ALUCOAT has been a very important driver for this city both economically, labour and social.

In these 20 years, boosted by the rapid growth of its industrial activity the company has given back the illusion to many people by creating quality employment with permanent jobs. It has also opted for education and the youngest, collaborating with Universities and Professional Training Centres, offering them real opportunities to join the world of work. In addition, it has made great efforts and investments in innovation and development, which has allowed it to develop its own technology, managing to offer unique products of the highest quality.

In these 20 years, ALUCOAT has demonstrated its commitment with people and Linares, a priority objective in which it will continue working to continue being a benchmark company in its sector, coated aluminium coils. Moreover, ALUCOAT assumes it environmental compromise, carried out strict quality controls to reduce consumption and the production of raw material and energy (SDG 7 and 12) and optimize all resources to minimize its impact on the surrounding ecosystem (SDG 13 and 17).

That is why the activity of ALUCOAT is essential and strategic not only for Linares but for Spain, because it contributes to the economic and stable growing.

ALUCOAT always committed to people, the environment and innovation.

aluNID®, continues its expansion as a sponsor in Formula Student

aluNID®, this season, continues its expansion as a sponsor among the best European teams in the worldwide Formula Student championship competition.

This year it is collaborating with two new teams: the PRz Racing Team from the University of Rzeszów in Poland, and the UoP Racing team from the University of Patras in Greece, to whom it is supplying its aluminium honeycomb core for the design and construction of the single-seater.

In these competitions it is essential to ensure the safety of the driver, but also that the car is light enough to be able to gain speed easily. aluNID®, is the perfect material for the construction of these cars. It provides lightness, because the aluminium with which it is made weighs very little, but at the same time it provides rigidity, as it is configured as a honeycomb, allowing it to absorb the crash in an exemplary way, assuming all the impact force and preventing the driver from suffering possible injuries.

aluNID®, has developed various cell sizes that adapt to the different parts of the vehicle, which is why high competition teams such as the Rz Racing Team or UoP Racing do not hesitate to bet on quality and innovation.

aluNID®, official sponsor of Formula Student worldwide.


ALUCOIL, in its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, continues to invest time and effort in moving towards the future. This new video summarises what ALUCOIL is today after 25 years of enthusiasm, effort and commitment.

With a renewed image, it provides all the information about its products and the markets where it operates so that there is no doubt that ALUCOIL is a leader in the manufacture of technologically advanced materials for the building, transport and industry sectors, always offering innovative, sustainable and high-quality solutions.

ALUCOIL is present all over the world and offers customised solutions that provide great added value to its customers through its globally recognised brands such as: Larcore®, Larson® or Termolac®, among others.

ALUCOIL, committed to constant improvement, launches its new corporate video.

Clemente González Soler, president of Aliberico, will give the opening class of the 15×15 course of EDEM

The president of  ALIBERICO will be in charge of giving, for the sixth consecutive year, the inaugural class of the 15×15 course, which will start on Thursday 25th March at the facilities of the Marina de Empresas de Valencia, headquarters of the EDEM Foundation.

The 15X15 course began in 2006 and every year, for 15 consecutive Thursdays, brings together 15 top national and international entrepreneurs with a group of students made up of presidents, CEOs, Managing Directors and members of the management committee with a minimum of 15 years of experience in management.

Throughout this course, the students will have the opportunity to participate in master classes in which, thanks to the Chatham House Rules methodology (speaking behind closed doors without limitations or reservations), they will be able to learn first-hand, from these 15 prestigious businessmen, about their personal and professional experience at the head of their companies.

ALIBERICO, always committed to quality education and training (SDG4).

ALUCOIL dresses the new headquarters of INDITEX

Every building that is built with ALUCOIL‘s advanced materials is a great responsibility. ALUCOIL has been offering unique solutions for architecture for 25 years and each project that carries its metallic panels has always been a source of pride.

This time, larson® FR panels have been chosen to dress the facade of the building, which some call “the new MECA of Fashion”, the new headquarters of INDITEX, in Arteixo (Galicia).

A 67,000m2 building, featuring the maximum efficiency and the latest technological advances, designed by Batlle i Roig. 

More than 20,000m2 of larson® FRs aluminium panels in a wide variety of sizes for the best materials optimisation. The Isabella White colour, developed specifically for thisto brighten occasion, contributes to give personality to the facade, but also to lighten the interior.

Once again, it has been proved that teamwork between architectural studios, contractors and manufacturers of architectural materials produces great results and completes in great projects.

ALUCOIL thanks Inditex, Batlle i Roig and Alumán for their trust.

ALUCOIL, creating advanced solutions adapted to every need, always committed to innovation (SDG9) and the creation of sustainable cities (SDG11).

aluNID®, honeycomb in industrial ventilation systems with electromagnetic shielding

Industrial metal cabinets have a multitude of uses, one of the most common is to protect electronic equipment, where electromagnetic radiation and the need to maintain a constant flow of air can become a problem. For this reason, it is necessary to use ventilation systems that are incorporated into industrial cabinets to guarantee the safety of the equipment.

The aluNID® honeycomb core is ideal for the design of these ventilation systems because it achieves an outstanding attenuation of electromagnetic radiation.

It has several cell sizes, 1/8 ”being the most used size. The smaller the cell size and the greater the thickness of the honeycomb grid, the greater the electromagnetic attenuation as shielding.

aluNID® benchmark in electromagnetic shielding, always betting on innovation (SDG 9).