ALUCOAT receives students from the University of Jaen

Last Friday, May 10, ALUCOAT received a total of 17 final-year students from the Telematics Engineering degree program at the University of Jaen. Accompanied by José Ángel Fernández Prieto, a professor from the Department of Telecommunications Engineering, they had the opportunity to get a close look at an Industry 4.0 environment through ALUCOAT Conversion’s innovative and highly digitalized processes.

These kinds of events are part of the Sustainable Development Plan with which ALUCOAT supports Quality Education, as they allow students to interact with professionals and gain a practical insight into the application of their knowledge in a real industrial setting.

This visit underscores the importance of collaboration between industry and university, and ALUCOAT is proud to contribute to the development of the talents who will lead the future of telematics and technology.

ALUCOAT committed to Training, Youth, and Digitalization.

IDALSA participates in the VI Employment Fair

On Thursday, 9th May, IDALSA participated in the VI Employment Fair, organised by IES Siglo XXI in collaboration with the Government of Aragon. The event took place at the Institute’s premises in Pedrola (Zaragoza) and featured the presence of around twenty companies interested in offering opportunities and incorporating young talent into their teams.

This initiative has been running for six years and serves as a meeting point for human resources professionals, students about to graduate in mechanics and electromechanics, and those actively seeking employment. IDALSA participated for the first time in this edition and is very satisfied, not only because it was a great opportunity to meet young people, future professionals brimming with enthusiasm and eagerness to become part of a company, but also for being the conduit through which they can embark on their dreams and begin their professional lives. IDALSA thanks the Instituto Siglo XXI for the flawless organisation of this event and for facilitating this meeting point between young people and the business world.

With this participation, the company has demonstrated its commitment to professional development and the technical training of new generations, providing them with job opportunities (SDG 8).

IDALSA, committed to people, education, and the future.

IBERFOIL recognized with MAZ Award

On April 28th, the Mutual Accident Insurance Company of Zaragoza (Mutua de Accidentes de Zaragoza – MAZ) announced the names of the awarded companies in its 10th edition of the MAZ Awards. The purpose of these awards is to recognize the effort and trajectory of companies in promoting workplace health and preventing occupational hazards.

The jury that granted the award was composed of members of the MAZ Board of Directors, advised by a Technical Committee of experts in Occupational Risk Prevention and Occupational Health.

All the submitted applications were evaluated, giving greater consideration to those that demonstrated their commitment as a healthy company, accrediting compliance with various points, including: the existence of a Policy for promoting health in the company, the commitment and leadership of Management in health promotion, the involvement of the entire company structure in promoting Safety and Health, a positive evolution of accident rates, and improvement in absenteeism rates.

In addition to meeting all these requirements, IBERFOIL has been awarded the MAZ Award in category B (companies with 50 to 149 employees) as recognition for its sports activities and support in matters of equality and the environment to improve the health and work environment of its employees at its Sabiñánigo factory.

This recognition highlights the effort, dedication, and firm commitment of IBERFOIL to the protection and well-being of its employees, ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for all.

IBERFOIL, caring for people and the environment with advanced aluminium solutions.

IDALSA Contributes to Sustainable Business Dialogue at the Spain-Morocco Economic Forum

As part of the High-Level Meeting between Spain and Morocco, where the Spain-Morocco Economic Forum was organised, IDALSA played a key role. This event, a result of collaboration between the Confédération Générale des Entreprises du Maroc (CGEM) and the Confederación Española de Organizaciones Empresariales (CEOE), with the support of the Secretaría de Estado de Comercio/ICEX and the Chamber of Commerce of Spain, brought together more than 500 companies from both countries.

IDALSA actively participated in the Sustainability Roundtable, a discussion session focused on crucial issues such as energy transition, environment, and circular economy. These topics represent key sectors in the economic partnership between Spain and Morocco. IDALSA‘s intervention in this roundtable solidified its commitment to constructive dialogue on sustainable matters.

During the session, which saw the participation of prominent representatives from the business sphere, IDALSA shared its experiences and strategies to address sustainability challenges. Fernando Lou, General Director of IDALSA, highlighted the importance of integrating responsible practices into the company’s daily operation, emphasizing IDALSAs commitment to the circular economy and its contribution to global sustainability.

As an active participant in this business forum, IDALSA demonstrates its commitment to sustainability and international collaboration, contributing to the exchange of ideas and experiences between companies from Spain and Morocco.


IBERFOIL, a specialist in thin aluminium foil rolling, continues its strong commitment to sustainability with a new certification. It has been awarded the “Calculate and Reduce” seal by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO), accrediting the reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

This seal confirms that IBERFOIL has reduced its CO2 emissions by 20.67% of the average emission intensity in the three-year period 2020-2022 compared to the three-year period 2019-2021, for the Ministry’s scope 1+2. Through these achievements, IBERFOIL demonstrates its ongoing progress in environmental sustainability.

Measures taken at the plant to update machinery, effective control for manufacturing process optimization, load optimization in treatment furnaces, and monitoring of energy resources consumed have been key to obtaining this certification.

IBERFOIL is committed to achieving goals for a greener and more sustainable world.

IDALSA committed to the s-X-AIPI Artificial Intelligence Project

IDALSA remains deeply involved in the s-X-AIPI project, aimed at revolutionising the European industry through artificial intelligence. This initiative (self-X Artificial Intelligence for European Process Industry digital transformation) leads the way towards a more innovative and sustainable industry. IDALSA‘s participation in this pioneering project enables the integration of cutting-edge technologies into its operations, optimising processes and resources for more efficient and environmentally-friendly production.

“The aim of this project is to provide existing process industries and their workers with operational agility, performance improvement through different indicators, and sustainability tools based on state-of-the-art AI for the design, development, engineering, operation, and monitoring of their plants, products, and value chains.”

With over 28,500 projected use cases in the European Union and a target of over 42,000 userss-X-AIPI aims not only to revolutionise the industry but also to improve workers’ conditions. The goal is to update skills and qualifications, ensuring safer and more attractive working conditions.

As we have seen, s-X-AIPI emerges as a transformative force driving the European industry towards the digital age, embracing artificial intelligence to enhance efficiency, reduce environmental footprint, and empower workers in the process. Undoubtedly, a major milestone in this new industrial era increasingly focused on sustainable productivity.

With a firm commitment to digital transformation and sustainability, IDALSA demonstrates its leadership in the industry by adopting innovative solutions that not only drive operational efficiency but also promote responsible business practices and the circular economy. The future of the European industry appears more innovative and sustainable thanks to the vision and action of companies like IDALSA.

IDALSA, with digital transformation and sustainable development.

ALIBERICO, a strong support on International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day, ALIBERICO reaffirms its commitment to equal opportunities for all people, regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion. It has always been a priority for ALIBERICO to promote an equitable and just society in all aspects.

ALIBERICO has always promoted professional development based on merit, with a policy of internal promotion and is proud to have a high percentage of management positions currently held by women, a significant achievement in an industry traditionally led by men.

In addition to its commitment to internal egalitarian policies, ALIBERICO sponsors various initiatives that promote gender equality and opportunities. This includes sponsoring the Olympia Las Rozas Women’s Football Club since 2020, and in 2024, IBERFOIL has signed a collaboration agreement with the women’s team of SD Huesca. Both sponsorships reflect a firm commitment to equal opportunities, inclusion, and contribute to breaking down barriers and stigmas in the world of sports.

ALIBERICO continues its mission to support working women, promote gender equality and contribute to a fairer and more inclusive future for all.


IDALSA, an industry actively engaged in decarbonization

IDALSA recently participated in the event “Decarbonization Experiences in Industry and Mobility,” organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Zaragoza with the aim of enabling industrial and mobility sector companies to exchange knowledge and collaborate on decarbonization projects in line with European and Spanish regulations.

In the current context, where awareness of environmental and climate challenges is increasing, reducing carbon emissions has become an urgent priority. From the industry to the shared mobility sector, companies are seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint and actively contribute to a more sustainable future. During this event, various companies, including IDALSA, gathered to exchange experiences, successes, and challenges in implementing projects aimed at reducing their carbon emissions. From innovative technological solutions to resource management strategies, the event, held in collaboration with Siemens and Ibercaja, provided a detailed insight into these organizations’ commitment to combating climate change and towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

IDALSA highlighted the significant contribution of recycled aluminium in reducing the carbon footprint, both in its manufacturing process and as a replacement for primary aluminium, throughout the entire lifecycle of products made with this material. Additionally, the company shared its experience and the qualities of its product as support for weight reduction in the automotive sector, and its contribution to low-emission mobility.

The event featured Mar Paños, general director of industrial promotion and innovation in the Government of Aragon, María Teresa Ruiz, responsible for European funds and sustainability in Ibercaja’s corporate banking, and Miguel Ángel Almalé, territorial director of Siemens Technical Solutions, as key speakers.

IDALSA, working today to improve tomorrow.

IBERFOIL becomes a sponsor of SD Huesca Women’s Team

IBERFOIL, the company within the Grupo ALIBERICO specializing in the manufacture of thin aluminium sheet, has closed a sponsorship agreement with Sociedad Deportiva Huesca to support its women’s football team. The agreement will run throughout 2024 and will give visibility to the brand of the Aragonese industrial company on the field and on the digital assets of the women’s team.

The agreement between IBERFOIL and Sociedad Deportiva Huesca was presented this morning at the company’s offices in Sabiñánigo by its General Director, Pedro María Jiménez Gastón, and the Director of the women’s section of SD Huesca, Azucena Garanto.

This sponsorship is part of IBERFOIL’s commitment to ESG criteria (environmental, social, and governance) and the company’s Sustainability Plan, and aims to collaborate and promote sports and equal opportunities.

Sociedad Deportiva Huesca launched its women’s section in the 2017/18 season with the aim of promoting healthy lifestyles and developing values ​​of coexistence, sportsmanship, and camaraderie.

Currently, their first team plays in the Second Division RFEF, after ascending to this category last season, and they have five more teams: First Territorial, Second Territorial, and three Football 8 teams: one in Alevín-Benjamín and two in Infantil-Cadete, with more than a hundred players in total.

IBERFOIL and the women’s football section of Sociedad Deportiva Huesca share the vision of believing in and trusting people, always on equal terms and opportunities, and participate in an identical culture around objectives and values ​​such as teamwork, effort, passion, and the excitement of reaching new goals.

At the contract signing act, Pedro María Jiménez Gastón stated: “Both at IBERFOIL and in the Grupo ALIBERICO, we are proud to promote women’s sports and to help the players achieve their dreams.”

For her part, Azucena Garanto, director of the women’s football section of SD Huesca, highlighted: “It is a pleasure that a company like IBERFOIL is betting on women’s sports, aware of all the effort and work behind these footballers. Today we take another step to highlight women’s football.”

ALUCOAT certifies in Aluminium Stewardship Initiative ASI, its commitment to sustainability in the aluminium value chain

ALUCOAT is very pleased to obtain the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) Certification for Performance Standard (V3 2022) as a commitment to improve sustainability throughout the aluminium value chain, all our stakeholders, and with SDG 17 Partnerships for the goals.

ASI is the only comprehensive voluntary sustainability standard initiative for the aluminium value chain, setting 59 criteria under the three pillars of sustainability: Environment, Social and Governance.

ALUCOAT is in the process of implementing improvements focused on the sustainability priorities proposed by ASI in their strategy (2030-2050) such as:

  • Climate change, where aluminium accounts for around 2% of CO2 eq global emissions. It is required an aluminium sector aligned with 1.5°C and therefore a low carbon aluminium. ALUCOAT, as part of its commitment to SDG 13 Climate Action, calculates the Carbon Footprint (Scope 1 and 2) and increases the percentage of recycled aluminium in its products. It also has solar panels installed and ISO 50001 certification, contributing to the reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions.
  • Circularity, where aluminium is 100% recyclable and experiences no loss of properties or quality during the recycling process. To achieve this, ALUCOAT focuses on aluminium utilization measures, reducing raw material consumption. ALUCOAT also implements sustainable water management and carries out segregation and separation by aluminIum alloys. All of these efforts are highlighted by the recent attainment of the Zero Waste Certificate. These actions align with SDG 6 Clean Water and Sanitation, SDG 7 Affordable and Clean Energy, and SDG 12 Responsible Production and Consumption.
  • Positive nature, improving the resilience of our planet and our societies in aspects of ecosystems, habitats, species and biodiversity. Where measures such as sustainable water management and the commitment to increasing the use of recycled aluminium, as opposed to extracting primary aluminium, are related to SDG 14 Life Below Water and SDG 15 Life on Land.
  • Human rights, as a broad and cross-cutting issue throughout the supply chain. ALUCOAT promotes respect for human rights in new industrial projects and significant organizational changes, community development, workers’ rights, and occupational health and safety management with its ISO 45001 certification. This aligns with SDG 5 Gender Equality, SDG 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth, and SDG 10 Reduced Inequalities.