ALUCOIL celebrates its participation in SMM 2022

ALUCOIL, in collaboration with its partner HARTMANN, has participated in SMM, the world’s leading trade fair for the maritime economy.

This fair, which takes place every 2 years, is held in Hamburg, the ideal location due to its long tradition as a centre for maritime trade.

The SMM fair celebrated its 30th anniversary this year, bringing together more than 2000 exhibitors and presenting products and innovations in shipbuilding, machinery and marine technology.

ALUCOIL and HARTMANN, its German distributor of metallic materials, have attracted many visitors interested in the products on display, in particular, ALUCOIL has presented a showroom module made of its larcore® aluminium honeycomb panels, where you could see the finishes and solutions for floors, ceilings and walls for boat interiors.

With a strong leadership in the building, transport and industry sector, ALUCOIL shows once again its commitment to offer innovative solutions with sustainable and high quality materials for the present and the future.

A total of 30,000 visitors from more than 100 countries attended the SMM. The next edition is expected to be held in September 2024.


Clemente González Soler participates in Avanza, Foro Empresa Familiar of the Region of Murcia

« Sustainability, digitalisation and the new global context for growing and doing business in environments of volatility and uncertainty » was the central theme of this second edition of Avanza, Foro Empresa Familiar of the Region of Murcia. This forum, promoted by the Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia in collaboration with the Asociación Murciana de la Empresa Familiar (AMEFMUR), brought together important business families on Friday 16 September.

Fifteen top-level speakers took part in the Congress and analysed the relevance of the contribution of family businesses to society and the challenges they face in relation to innovation, sustainability and digitalisation, as well as the connections within the business family, the economic prospect and their impact on Spanish companies, among others.

The event featured welcome speeches from the President of AMEFMUR, José María Tortosa, and the President of the Government of the Region of Murcia, Fernando López Miras. The inaugural conference was given by Alberto Núñez Feijoo, President of the Partido Popular.

The President of ALIBERICO, Clemente González Soler, addressed during his speech the topic « How to organise the communication system and the connection within the business family ». An interesting reflection on the importance of instilling in the next generations the feeling of belonging to the company and treating workers with respect so that they feel valued and thus retain talent. Victoria Plantalamor, President of the Family Business Association of Madrid and CEO of Grupo Industrial Crimidesa, debated with Clemente González and highlighted the vital role of communication in choosing the next generation of the company. The discussion was moderated by Azucena Marín, Communication Director of Zambudio Group.

The event was closed by María del Valle Miguélez, Regional Minister for Enterprise, Employment, Universities and Spokesperson of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia.


It is the only comprehensive voluntary sustainability standard initiative for the aluminium value chain, setting 59 criteria under the three pillars of sustainability: Environment, Social and Governance.

Iberfoil Aragon, the company belonging to the industrial and technological group Aliberico, has obtained the ASI Performance Standard certification for its aluminium coil rolling facilities in Sabiñánigo (Huesca). This is the only complete voluntary sustainability standard initiative for the aluminium value chain, which establishes 59 criteria under the three pillars of sustainability: Environment, Social and Governance.

Iberfoil ‘s factory in Sabiñánigo has an annual production capacity of 20,000 tonnes of foil and 40,000 tonnes of coil, and its products are destined for use in diverse downstream sectors, including pharmaceutical, food and beverage packaging; signage; building and construction HVAC; and automotive.

The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) V2 Performance Standard certification process has been carried out through an extensive multi-stakeholder consultation process. Among the 59 sustainability criteria covered by the Standard are key issues such as biodiversity, anti-corruption, indigenous peoples’ rights, life cycle assessments and greenhouse gas emissions. All of these are related to the aluminium value chain.

The independent audit of the Iberfoil Aragon operation has been carried out by DNV Business Assurance Services UK Ltd.

« We are very proud to be part of ASI, a global reference for environmental, social and management certification. This certification confirms Iberfoil ‘s high commitment to the environment, governance and people. The certification process has highlighted for us the efficiency of our internal material management and recycling processes, which motivates us to continue improving our management of aluminium along the value chain », said Pedro M. Jiménez, Managing Director at Iberfoil .

Fiona Solomon, Chief Executive Officer at ASI said, “We warmly congratulate Iberfoil Aragon SLU on achieving ASI Performance Standard Certification. Aluminium foil stock and coil play a broad range of functional roles in many downstream sectors due to the metal’s multitude of critical properties, including high electrical conductivity, air and water impermeability, light and thermal resistance, lightweight strength and many others. This ASI Certification provides assurance of Iberfoil’s responsible production and stewardship practices at their Sabiñánigo, Spain facility.”

ALUCOIL will participate in the most awaited Shipbuilding and maritime fair of the year

ALUCOIL will participate together with its partner HARTMANN at the SMM in Hamburg at stand B5.516 from the 6th to the 9th of September.

SMM is the most important international trade fair for shipbuilding, machinery and marine technologySMM, which celebrates this year its 30th edition, is an event with a great impact, where many exhibitors and visitors from all over the world meet to present their products, the most innovative solutions, trends and current services of the shipbuilding industry and shipyards.

This year ALUCOIL, an international benchmark in offering advanced solutions for the naval sector, among others, will have its own stand which will be shared with its partner HARTMANN, the German distributor of metallic materials.

ALUCOIL will exhibit its top product larcore®, the extremely light, resistant, recyclable, easily machinable and highly versatile aluminium honeycomb panel. It is the perfect solution for the manufacture of ceilings, floors, walls, bulkheads and final furnishings for boats.

ALUCOIL has the widest range of laminated and lacquered finishes on the market and is IMO MED certified for naval use. In addition, for more than ten years, it has a multitude of references in cruise ships, yachts, ferries and military ships all over the world.

Come and see ALUCOIL‘s products at the most awaited fair of the Naval and Maritime Industry sector! We are waiting for you!

IBERFOIL, quality, safety, environment and health guarantee

IBERFOIL, specialist in aluminium rolling, has a strict Quality, Safety, Environmental and Health Policy. This policy is one of the main reasons of the firm, essential for the success of the company and its customer’s satisfaction.

IBERFOIL regularly carries out internal audits that exhaustively analyse its Quality Control, Environmental Management and Health and Safety Management Systems. The result of these audits confirms that IBERFOIL complies with all the current regulations, obtaining the specific certifications in each area. Recently, it has renewed its certificates of:

ISO 9001:2015 – Relating to its Quality Management System, which demonstrates the company’s ability to provide products that meet customer requirements in terms of quality.

ISO 14001:2015Environmental Management System, which certifies that IBERFOIL controls all its activities, production processes, services and products that may have an impact on the environment. This certificate guarantees that the company makes every effort to reduce the environmental impacts generated in its daily activities.

ISO 45001:2018 – Certifies that IBERFOIL maintains an Occupational Health and Safety Management System allocated at protecting workers and visitors in the working environment.

In addition to the renewal of these certificates, IBERFOIL is a member of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI), a certification and standard-setting organisation that recognises and promotes the responsible production, sourcing and management of aluminium. This global initiative, which aims to support members of responsible supply chains such as IBERFOIL, is the result of manufacturers, users and stakeholders coming together to create an agreement on « responsible aluminium ». The certification defines 59 principles, such as factory management, business integrity, transparency, material stewardship, environmental care, CO2 emissions or labour rights.

On the other hand, IBERFOIL‘s aluminium is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the United States), which means that the aluminium manufactured by IBERFOIL is suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

The fulfilment and obtaining of these certificates, show the continuous commitment of IBERFOIL with the safety and welfare of its workers, customers and environment.

IBERFOIL takes care of people and the environment with advanced aluminium solutions.

ALUCOIL returns to SMM!

Many people know ALUCOIL for its products and solutions for architectural facades. But ALUCOIL not only manufactures materials for building, it is also a leading manufacturer of lightweight and technologically advanced materials for mass transport, including the naval sector.

This year, the 30th edition of the SMM (Shipbuilding Machinery & Marine) will be held on the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th of September at the Hamburg Exhibition Centre. The most important international trade fair for shipbuilding, machinery and marine technology.

This year, ALUCOIL has its own stand together with its partner HARTMANN, the German distributor of metallic materials. It will be located in hall B5, Stand 516. Do you want to know more about ALUCOIL Marine? Click play or visit our website!


aluNID®, collaborateur d’excellence du Racing Team international

aluNID®, la marque déposée de nid d’abeilles en aluminium fabriqué en ALUCOAT, continue de croître dans ses parrainages internationaux. Cette fois, c’est l’Institut technique supérieur de l’Université de Lisbonne qui a rejoint la collaboration.

Formula Student Team Lisboa est composé de 71 étudiants issus de divers domaines d’ingénierie : aérospatiale, mécanique, électrique et informatique, ainsi que des étudiants de l’organisation industrielle et de l’économie.

Depuis quelques mois, elle travaille sur un prototype de véhicule 100% électrique et autonome. Formula Student Team Lisboa possède une vaste expérience dans la conception et la réalisation de monoplaces, puisqu’ils participent à la compétition depuis 2001.

Grâce à cet accord de collaboration, aluNID® fournira son noyau en nid d’abeille pour la construction du châssis du véhicule, qui sera en compétition lors de la prochaine saison 2022-2023. Grâce à la configuration hexagonale de l’aluNID® et aux propriétés légères et résistantes de l’aluminium, la voiture prendra plus facilement de la vitesse, et en cas de collision, le châssis absorbera l’impact. D’autre part, aluNID® est composé à 100% d’aluminium, qui est anticorrosif et possède également un comportement au feu extraordinaire. Ces caractéristiques font d’aluNID® le matériau idéal pour la fabrication de châssis de véhicules.

aluNID® est un collaborateur de référence de Formula Student et est fier de favoriser le talent des personnes et de pouvoir aider des équipes telles que Formula Student Team Lisboa à continuer d’innover et de créer des solutions de qualité.

La meilleure qualité pour les systèmes de climatisation: airfin® et waterfin®

Par temps chaud, il faut être très vigilant et proposer des solutions pour lutter contre les fortes chaleurs. L’une des options les plus recherchées à cette époque de l’année est la chambre climatisée, car c’est là que vous pouvez profiter d’une meilleure atmosphère et de températures agréables.

Pour la fabrication de systèmes de climatisation ou de climatiseurs, il est essentiel d’utiliser des matériaux qui présentent d’excellentes propriétés de transmission de la chaleur et de résistance à la corrosion, comme l’aluminium. ALUCOAT, spécialiste du revêtement de bobines d’aluminium, a développé ses produits de haute qualité airfin® et waterfin® pour la fabrication de divers composants d’équipements de réfrigération et de climatisation.

airfin® est spécifiquement conçu pour les systèmes de climatisation et les systèmes de climatisation de grandes surfaces tels que les magasins, les centres commerciaux, mais aussi pour les voitures, les bateaux et les trains. Il est destiné à la production d’ailettes pour les échangeurs de chaleur. En fonction de ses propriétés hydrophobes et de sa résistance à la corrosion, airfin® diversifie sa gamme de produits:

  • airfin® 100 : est une excellente solution de revêtement contre la corrosion des ailettes. Basé sur des résines époxy hautement spécifiques pour cette application, il offre la protection souhaitée dans une large gamme de couleurs.
  • airfin® 300 : est formulé pour garantir toutes les propriétés du produit sans être affecté par les UV ou d’autres réactions chimiques.
  • airfin® 400 : les ailerons fabriqués avec ce produit sont au moins 300% plus résistants à la corrosion que l’aluminium nu.
  • airfin® 500 : TOUT EN UN. La qualité airfin® 500 améliore la résistance à la corrosion et garantit une durée de vie prolongée de l’échangeur de chaleur.

waterfin® offre deux produits aux propriétés hydrophobes élevées qui empêchent la formation de ponts de glace. Il est destiné à la fabrication de systèmes d’échangeurs de chaleur plus petits et spécifiquement conçus pour l’industrie alimentaire, les systèmes de chauffage et de climatisation des bâtiments, tels que les bureaux. Ses deux produits sont :

  • waterfin® 100 : C’est le meilleur choix pour les environnements de travail standard.
  • waterfin® 700 : Il possède une double couche qui lui confère une grande résistance à la corrosion, ce qui le rend idéal pour les environnements de travail exposés à un haut degré de contamination.

En outre, les produits airfin® et waterfin® qui nécessitent une résistance supplémentaire à la corrosion environnementale peuvent être prétraités avec le prélac Alucoat® sans chrome, qui multiplie la résistance à la corrosion de l’aluminium laqué.

ALUCOAT, le meilleur choix pour la fabrication d’échangeurs de chaleur, d’équipements de réfrigération et de climatisation.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING donates computers to support Education

Summer camps are often the perfect way for children to keep learning and reinforce the knowledge acquired during the school year. Kids English Club, an urban camp 100% in English, is part of the activities of the English Academy IberEnglish.

At this camp, in addition to practising a foreign language, the children carry out science-related activities through experiments and projects. Among these projects are activities related to reverse engineering, that is, a learning process where children learn the technical aspects of a certain product, knowing how to detect which are the components that form it and what is the manufacturing process. This reverse engineering process is essential in the field of computing, more specifically, computers.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING, as part of its sustainability plan, has donated 20 computers to IberEnglish, so that the children at this camp can carry out experiments and tests, and thus develop their skills in the field of technology.

With this equipment, the children can see, learn and get to know what a computer looks like inside, how it works and how to make changes or adjustments while having fun and practising English.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING is highly committed to quality education (SDG 4) for children and provides tools for their development and in-depth knowledge, thus increasing their learning opportunities and future job opportunities.

aluNID®, l’innovation inspirée par la nature

aluNID®, référence internationale dans la production de nids d’abeille en aluminium, a établi une collaboration avec le Parque de las Ciencias de Grenade pour la prochaine exposition temporaire qui aura lieu entre 2022 et 2025.

Sous le nom de « Bioinspiracion« , le Parque de las Ciencias de Grenade accueillera une exposition consacrée à l’imitation de modèles, de systèmes ou d’éléments de la nature pouvant être appliqués à la technologie et à l’inspiration de l’homme dans la nature pour les développements technologiques.

L’âme en nid d’abeille en aluminium aluNID®, est un produit polyvalent avec d’excellentes propriétés de résistance à la compression et à la déformation latérale, léger, 100% recyclable et incombustible. C’est aussi un produit biomimétique, c’est-à-dire que l’homme l’a adapté à ses besoins technologiques en se basant sur la nature et ses formes. C’est pour ces qualités qu’il sera exposé dans un stand de l’exposition.

Après avoir été exposée au Parque de las Ciencias de Grenade, cette exposition, ainsi que l’âme en nid d’abeille en aluminium aluNID®, sera exposée dans d’autres musées européens de grande réputation tels que le Musée fédéral de la santé et de la sécurité au travail de Dortmund en Allemagne et le Musée technique de Vienne en Autriche. Tous ces musées font partie de l’IAMuSEE, l’Alliance internationale des musées pour l’éducation scientifique et la culture en Europe.  

aluNID®, innovation, nature et technologie. Collaborer avec des institutions scientifiques et éducatives et promouvoir aluNID® et ses applications.