ALUCOIL, in its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, continues to invest time and effort in moving towards the future. This new video summarises what ALUCOIL is today after 25 years of enthusiasm, effort and commitment.

With a renewed image, it provides all the information about its products and the markets where it operates so that there is no doubt that ALUCOIL is a leader in the manufacture of technologically advanced materials for the building, transport and industry sectors, always offering innovative, sustainable and high-quality solutions.

ALUCOIL is present all over the world and offers customised solutions that provide great added value to its customers through its globally recognised brands such as: Larcore®, Larson® or Termolac®, among others.

ALUCOIL, committed to constant improvement, launches its new corporate video.

Clemente González Soler, president of Aliberico, will give the opening class of the 15×15 course of EDEM

The president of  ALIBERICO will be in charge of giving, for the sixth consecutive year, the inaugural class of the 15×15 course, which will start on Thursday 25th March at the facilities of the Marina de Empresas de Valencia, headquarters of the EDEM Foundation.

The 15X15 course began in 2006 and every year, for 15 consecutive Thursdays, brings together 15 top national and international entrepreneurs with a group of students made up of presidents, CEOs, Managing Directors and members of the management committee with a minimum of 15 years of experience in management.

Throughout this course, the students will have the opportunity to participate in master classes in which, thanks to the Chatham House Rules methodology (speaking behind closed doors without limitations or reservations), they will be able to learn first-hand, from these 15 prestigious businessmen, about their personal and professional experience at the head of their companies.

ALIBERICO, always committed to quality education and training (SDG4).

ALUCOIL dresses the new headquarters of INDITEX

Every building that is built with ALUCOIL‘s advanced materials is a great responsibility. ALUCOIL has been offering unique solutions for architecture for 25 years and each project that carries its metallic panels has always been a source of pride.

This time, larson® FR panels have been chosen to dress the facade of the building, which some call “the new MECA of Fashion”, the new headquarters of INDITEX, in Arteixo (Galicia).

A 67,000m2 building, featuring the maximum efficiency and the latest technological advances, designed by Batlle i Roig. 

More than 20,000m2 of larson® FRs aluminium panels in a wide variety of sizes for the best materials optimisation. The Isabella White colour, developed specifically for thisto brighten occasion, contributes to give personality to the facade, but also to lighten the interior.

Once again, it has been proved that teamwork between architectural studios, contractors and manufacturers of architectural materials produces great results and completes in great projects.

ALUCOIL thanks Inditex, Batlle i Roig and Alumán for their trust.

ALUCOIL, creating advanced solutions adapted to every need, always committed to innovation (SDG9) and the creation of sustainable cities (SDG11).

aluNID®, honeycomb in industrial ventilation systems with electromagnetic shielding

Industrial metal cabinets have a multitude of uses, one of the most common is to protect electronic equipment, where electromagnetic radiation and the need to maintain a constant flow of air can become a problem. For this reason, it is necessary to use ventilation systems that are incorporated into industrial cabinets to guarantee the safety of the equipment.

The aluNID® honeycomb core is ideal for the design of these ventilation systems because it achieves an outstanding attenuation of electromagnetic radiation.

It has several cell sizes, 1/8 ”being the most used size. The smaller the cell size and the greater the thickness of the honeycomb grid, the greater the electromagnetic attenuation as shielding.

aluNID® benchmark in electromagnetic shielding, always betting on innovation (SDG 9).

Alucoat® cs, more than coated aluminum for food packaging

Alucoat® cs is the product designed for the production of packaging for food industry. Thanks to many years of work, constant development, know-how and innovation, ALUCOAT has been adapting its coated aluminium coil thanks to the most advanced technology and the requirements of a highly demanding market such as food. Its objective is to offer products and services with high quality, achieving the maximum food security for its customers.

As a results of the extensive experience with this product, ALUCOAT has achieved that moreover to complying with the properties of lacquered aluminum such as preservation of food in perfect condition, resistant to heat and corrosion as well as boiling water, ensure the following requirements:

  • Compliance with European food legislation as well as with the American standard FDA, creating a solution more than suitable for food contact.
  • Non-stick properties. Non-stick coating that guarantees easy demolding of your dishes without the food sticking to it.
  • BPA-Nia properties. Bisphenol A Non-intentionally-added, thus complying with the latest requirements within food industry.
  • Excellent stuffing properties and adaptation to the form of final consumption.

ALUCOAT invests great efforts in research and development to offer its customer an improvement in the mechanical properties of the product, working with special alloys that reduce the thickness of the material and increasing its performance, while keeping the quality standards of the product.

Being able to supply its lacquered aluminium coil in a wide range of colors and customize the final product, Alucoat® cs becomes the star product for food packaging.

ALUCOAT, oriented to customers, focused on the product and always committed to innovation (SDG9).

The world’s largest honeycomb panel: larcore® by Alucoil

ALUCOIL, manufacturer of advanced materials for architecture, transport and industry, manufactures in its continuous line the largest honeycomb panel in the world, intended, in this case, for manufacturing lightweight truck bodyworks.

ALUCOIL‘s facilities have been preparing for years to manufacture, manipulate and transform large panels to respond the growing demand of mass transport sector.

With ALUCOIL‘s honeycomb panels, lighter and more efficient constructions are achieved, where the assemblies require continuous pieces, increasingly larger and without joints for ceilings, walls or floors.

Thanks to their honeycomb core and aluminium skins, larcore® panels are light, rigid, resistant and ready to support heavy loads without adding weight. This helps mobility of the transports where they are installed.

larcore® 14.000mm, is the perfect panel for light bodyworks.

ALUCOIL, always committed to industry, innovation and infrastructure (SDG 9).

ALIBERICO; today and always supporting women

Today is International Women’s Day. Promoting gender equality is essential in all areas of a society, therefore, ALIBERICO today and always has developed an internal policy based on equal opportunities and an internal promotion policy based on own merits, regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion.

The success of gender equality in ALIBERICO is reflected in the fact that, despite belonging to an industrial sector with a majority presence of men, in ALIBERICO 52% of the management positions are headed by women, including managers of the largest factories with a more international presence.

In addition, ALIBERICO is a proud sponsor of Olympia Las Rozas Women’s Football Club. Together they defend messages and values where equality, effort, illusion and passion are the key to a prosperous and fair society, free of discriminations and inequalities.

On a day as important as today, ALIBERICO values the role of women in society and will continue working on a culture based on effort, without discrimination, fighting for a common goal: a better, more equal and fairer society.

ALIBERICO committed to gender equality (SDG 5).


Its subsidiary Alintra Systems will develop and manufacture in Miranda de Ebro (Burgos) a new generation of operating rooms for hospitals, which will be marketed under the Sanilux brand.

Madrid, February 26 – Aliberico, Spain’s leading private group and Europe’s leading family-owned manufacturer of semi-finished aluminium products, announces the acquisition of a 20% stake in the Navarre-based company Premo Sistemas Modulares, Spain’s leading manufacturer of high-quality bulkheads for office spaces and special applications, such as operating rooms.

As part of this operation, the Grupo Aliberico and Premo Sistemas Modulares have signed a strategic agreement whereby together with Alintra Systems, Aliberico’s subsidiary specializing in advanced aluminium materials, they will develop and manufacture a new generation of operating rooms for hospitals, which will be marketed under the Sanilux brand.

The new generation of operating rooms, characterized by providing a modular, flexible and industrialized solution to hospital centers, and susceptible to modification and expansion without building works or waste, will have as base material the larcore® honeycomb panel, manufactured by Aliberico through its subsidiary Alucoil.

As part of its Sanilux promotion and marketing strategy, a full-scale operating room will be assembled at the Alintra Systems factory, which will provide healthcare professionals and managers with a realistic experience of the performance of this new concept of surgical facility.

Most of the existing hospital facilities in Spain were built in the sixties and seventies of the last century, and will foreseeably deal with major interventions in the coming years in order to adapt their facilities to substantial changes in the way hospital medicine is practiced, as a result of the development of numerous technologies that favor mobility and flexibility.

Clemente González Soler, president of Aliberico, stated in relation to this corporate operation: “The incorporation of Premo as a shareholder is part of the innovation and diversification strategy in which the Aliberico is immersed in order to position itself with advanced and technological products in sectors with great development potential and strong projection in foreign markets. development potential and strong projection in foreign markets. For Aliberico it is a great satisfaction to be part of a company like Premo, pioneer and leader in its sector worldwide, with which we share values and business vision”.

Miguel Zandío, CEO of Premo Sistemas Modulares, said: “Having Aliberico as a shareholder reinforces Premo’s value proposition to the market.  In addition to our extensive knowledge of modular systems and their application in complex environments, we will add Aliberico’s great capacity and experience in developing state-of-the-art, highly resistant, lightweight and versatile materials, as well as the support of an extensive commercial network with presence in the five continents”.

About Aliberico

Aliberico is the first Spanish private group and the first European family group to manufacture semi-processed aluminium products.

The Group currently comprises 35 companies and 17 factories located in 7 countries on 3 continents.  The company employs 1,200 workers and its products are sold in more than 80 countries on 5 continents.

Aliberico operates in the packaging, building, surface treatment, transportation, industry and renewable energy sectors with technologically advanced aluminium products and premium brands recognized as leaders worldwide.

About Premo Sistemas Modulares

Premo is a Navarre-based company dedicated to the design, development, manufacture and installation of vertical modular partitioning elements for interiors. Founded in 1965, and with a factory in Torres de Elorz, Navarra, Premo bases its proposal to the market on quality, design and flexibility to offer tailor-made services to its customers. Premo markets its products in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.


Adaptation and renovation are values that this year have become very important due to the situation we are living, so this 2021 we want to renew the image of our lids and provide new, more modern and creative colours that make our lid more attractive.

Take away, catering, take away pastries, ready meals in aluminium containers with the new design of ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING lids. Who buys repeats many times, that’s why customers always ask for their food to be always in Palco packaging.

The new lids will continue to protect your food wherever you go and comply with the FSC seal of quality, which indicates that they are made with resources from forests managed in a responsible and sustainable way with the environment. That is why at AFP we work with nature conservation in mind.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING is committed to the environment and demonstrates it every day both with its factory with 0 CO2 emissions, as well as with the recycling cycle it performs with its aluminium.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING is committed to innovation (SDG 9), affordable and clean energy (SDG 7), responsible production and consumption (SDG 12) and climate action (SDG 13).


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