ALUCOIL will participate in the most awaited Shipbuilding and maritime fair of the year

ALUCOIL will participate together with its partner HARTMANN at the SMM in Hamburg at stand B5.516 from the 6th to the 9th of September.

SMM is the most important international trade fair for shipbuilding, machinery and marine technologySMM, which celebrates this year its 30th edition, is an event with a great impact, where many exhibitors and visitors from all over the world meet to present their products, the most innovative solutions, trends and current services of the shipbuilding industry and shipyards.

This year ALUCOIL, an international benchmark in offering advanced solutions for the naval sector, among others, will have its own stand which will be shared with its partner HARTMANN, the German distributor of metallic materials.

ALUCOIL will exhibit its top product larcore®, the extremely light, resistant, recyclable, easily machinable and highly versatile aluminium honeycomb panel. It is the perfect solution for the manufacture of ceilings, floors, walls, bulkheads and final furnishings for boats.

ALUCOIL has the widest range of laminated and lacquered finishes on the market and is IMO MED certified for naval use. In addition, for more than ten years, it has a multitude of references in cruise ships, yachts, ferries and military ships all over the world.

Come and see ALUCOIL‘s products at the most awaited fair of the Naval and Maritime Industry sector! We are waiting for you!

IBERFOIL, quality, safety, environment and health guarantee

IBERFOIL, specialist in aluminium rolling, has a strict Quality, Safety, Environmental and Health Policy. This policy is one of the main reasons of the firm, essential for the success of the company and its customer’s satisfaction.

IBERFOIL regularly carries out internal audits that exhaustively analyse its Quality Control, Environmental Management and Health and Safety Management Systems. The result of these audits confirms that IBERFOIL complies with all the current regulations, obtaining the specific certifications in each area. Recently, it has renewed its certificates of:

ISO 9001:2015 – Relating to its Quality Management System, which demonstrates the company’s ability to provide products that meet customer requirements in terms of quality.

ISO 14001:2015Environmental Management System, which certifies that IBERFOIL controls all its activities, production processes, services and products that may have an impact on the environment. This certificate guarantees that the company makes every effort to reduce the environmental impacts generated in its daily activities.

ISO 45001:2018 – Certifies that IBERFOIL maintains an Occupational Health and Safety Management System allocated at protecting workers and visitors in the working environment.

In addition to the renewal of these certificates, IBERFOIL is a member of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI), a certification and standard-setting organisation that recognises and promotes the responsible production, sourcing and management of aluminium. This global initiative, which aims to support members of responsible supply chains such as IBERFOIL, is the result of manufacturers, users and stakeholders coming together to create an agreement on “responsible aluminium”. The certification defines 59 principles, such as factory management, business integrity, transparency, material stewardship, environmental care, CO2 emissions or labour rights.

On the other hand, IBERFOIL‘s aluminium is approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the United States), which means that the aluminium manufactured by IBERFOIL is suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

The fulfilment and obtaining of these certificates, show the continuous commitment of IBERFOIL with the safety and welfare of its workers, customers and environment.

IBERFOIL takes care of people and the environment with advanced aluminium solutions.

ALUCOIL returns to SMM!

Many people know ALUCOIL for its products and solutions for architectural facades. But ALUCOIL not only manufactures materials for building, it is also a leading manufacturer of lightweight and technologically advanced materials for mass transport, including the naval sector.

This year, the 30th edition of the SMM (Shipbuilding Machinery & Marine) will be held on the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th of September at the Hamburg Exhibition Centre. The most important international trade fair for shipbuilding, machinery and marine technology.

This year, ALUCOIL has its own stand together with its partner HARTMANN, the German distributor of metallic materials. It will be located in hall B5, Stand 516. Do you want to know more about ALUCOIL Marine? Click play or visit our website!


aluNID®, excellence collaborator of the international Racing Team

aluNID®, registered brand of aluminium honeycomb manufactured by ALUCOAT, continues to grow in its international sponsorships. This time it has been the Higher Technical Institute of the University of Lisbon who has joined the collaboration.

Formula Student Team Lisboa is made up of 71 students from various engineering fields: Aerospace, Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Science, as well as some students from Industrial Organization and Economics.

For a few months, it has been working on a prototype vehicle to be 100% electric and autonomous. Formula Student Team Lisboa has extensive experience in the design and execution of single-seaters, since they have been participating in the competition since 2001.

Through this collaboration agreement, aluNID® will supply its honeycomb core for the construction of the vehicle chassis, which will be competing in the next 2022-2023 season. Thanks to the hexagonal configuration of aluNID® and the light and resistant properties of aluminium, the car will pick up speed more easily, and in the event of a collision, the chassis will absorb the impact. On the other hand, aluNID® is made of 100% aluminium, which is anticorrosive and also has extraordinary fire behaviour. These features make aluNID® the perfect material for manufacturing vehicle chassis.

Formula Student Team Lisboa is a reference collaborator in Formula Student and is proud to foster the talent of people and to be able to help teams such as the Formula Student Team Lisboa continue to innovate and create quality solutions.

The best quality to insulation systems: airfin® y waterfin®

In the heat, you have to be very careful and offer solutions to combat high temperatures. One of the solutions most sough-after solutions at this time of year are the air-conditioned rooms because is where you can enjoy a better environment and pleasant temperatures.

For the production of air-conditioning systems or units is fundamental to use materials with excellent properties to thermic transmission and resistance to corrosion, such as aluminium. ALUCOAT is specialist in coated aluminium coils and has developed its high quality products airfin® and waterfin® to the production of different components to refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment.

  • airfin® is specifically designed to air-conditioning systems in large areas such as stores, shopping malls, but also automobiles, ships and trains. This is focused in the production of finstock to heat exchangers and, based on the hydrophobic properties and corrosion resistance, airfin® has a variety of products:
  • airfin® 100: this is the ideal coating solution to avoid fin corrosion. Based on epoxy resins especially designed for this application, this material offers the desired protection in a wide range of colours.
  • airfin® 300: this is designed to guarantee the properties of the product without being affected by U.V. rays or others chemicals reactions.
  • airfin® 400: fins made with this material are at least 300% more resistant to corrosion than bare aluminum.
  • airfin® 500: ALL IN ONE. The quality of airfin® 500 strengthen the resistance to corrosion and guarantee a life extension of the heat exchangers.

waterfin® offers two products with high hydrophobic properties that avoid the generation of ice bridges. It is intended for the manufacture of smaller heat exchanger systems and specifically designed for the food industry, heating and air conditioning systems for buildings, such as offices. Its two products are:

  • waterfin® 100: It is the ideal solution to standard working environments.
  • waterfin® 700: It has a double layer material with a high resistance to corrosion and for this reason, this is the best solution for working environments with high level of contamination.

In addition, for an extra in terms of resistance to corrosion, our products airfin® and waterfin® can be improved with the pre-treatment Alucoat® prelac Chrome free, that multiply the resistance to corrosion of coated aluminium.

ALUCOAT, the best choice for the production of heat exchangers, refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING donates computers to support Education

Summer camps are often the perfect way for children to keep learning and reinforce the knowledge acquired during the school year. Kids English Club, an urban camp 100% in English, is part of the activities of the English Academy IberEnglish.

At this camp, in addition to practising a foreign language, the children carry out science-related activities through experiments and projects. Among these projects are activities related to reverse engineering, that is, a learning process where children learn the technical aspects of a certain product, knowing how to detect which are the components that form it and what is the manufacturing process. This reverse engineering process is essential in the field of computing, more specifically, computers.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING, as part of its sustainability plan, has donated 20 computers to IberEnglish, so that the children at this camp can carry out experiments and tests, and thus develop their skills in the field of technology.

With this equipment, the children can see, learn and get to know what a computer looks like inside, how it works and how to make changes or adjustments while having fun and practising English.

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING is highly committed to quality education (SDG 4) for children and provides tools for their development and in-depth knowledge, thus increasing their learning opportunities and future job opportunities.

aluNID®, innovation inspired by nature

aluNID®, international reference in the production of aluminium honeycomb core has established a collaboration with Parque de las Ciencias of Granada for the next temporary exposition that will take place between 2022 and 2025.

Under the name “Bioinspiracion”, the Parque de las Ciencias of Granada will host an exposition dedicated to the imitation of models, systems or elements of nature that can be applied to technology and the inspiration of man in the nature for technological developments.

The aluminium honeycomb core aluNID®, is a versatile product with excellent properties of resistance to compression and lateral deformation, light, 100% recyclable and incombustible. It is also a biomimetic product, i.e. man has adapted it to its technological needs based on nature and its forms. For these qualities it will be exposed in a stand of the exposition.

After being exposed in Parque de las Ciencias of Granada, this exposition together with aluminium honeycomb core aluNID®, will be exposed in others European museums with high reputation such as Federal Museum of Workplace, health and safety of Dortmund in Germany and Vienna Technical Museum of Vienna in Austria. All of them take part of IAMuSEE, International Alliance of Museum for Scientific Education and Culture in Europe.

aluNID®, innovation, nature and technology. Collaborating with scientific and educational institutions and promoting aluNID® and its applications.


This sponsorship reinforces ALIBERICO’s commitment to all those initiatives that aim to promote gender equality.

The CFF OLYMPIA Las Rozas project was born in 2015 with the only objective of promoting women’s sport, and particularly the football, in all its categories and ages.

Madrid, 12 July, 2022. – ALIBERICO, the leading Spanish and European private family-owned group and manufacturer of semi-finished aluminium products, maintains its support for women’s football and renews its sponsorship of the Olympia Las Rozas Women’s Football Club for another season, 2022-2023, with which it has had a collaboration agreement since 2020.

This sponsorship reinforces ALIBERICO‘s commitment to all those initiatives that aim to promote gender equality and open paths in those social fields where there is a scarce female presence.

The action of supporting a sports entity such as the CFF OLYMPIA Las Rozas is aligned with the values promoted by ALIBERICO within its organisation, which include an internal promotion policy based on meritocracy, regardless of gender, ethnicity or age. Proof of this is that 52% of the Group’s management positions are held by women, including managers of the largest factories with the greatest international presence.

The CFF OLYMPIA Las Rozas project was born in 2015 with the only objective of promoting women’s sport, and in particular football, in all its categories and ages and, since then, it has not stopped growing and achieving success.

This past season, its Senior A team has been among the first places in the First National League; Senior B has been League champion and has moved up to La Liga Preferente, and the Juvenil A team has been among the first places in its group in the Liga de Fútbol Preferente Femenino Juvenil. Likewise, its Alevín B and Infantil B teams have been champions and runners-up, respectively, in the Community of Madrid League.

“We are present in completely different sectors, but in ALIBERICO we feel very identified with CFF OLYMPIA Las Rozas because it is a project that was born from a dream and is characterised by its large doses of passion, work and effort, values that are present in the day to day of all our factories. Growing and fighting in every match, working as a team, is the formula that inspires their project”, said María González Armero, from ALIBERICO.

As María says, the CFF OLYMPIA Las Rozas was born from a dream in 2015 that today is materialised in a consolidated project with 260 players. It has been a year of great success for the Club and if there is something above them, it is to be able to share them with our sponsors, THANKS to ALIBERICO that accompanies us unconditionally to help all those players to grow personally and professionally within the field of sport and to continue opening the way and fulfilling dreams“, claims Vanesa Díaz Pérez, President of CFF OLYMPIA Las Rozas.

aluNID®, sponsors the Spartan Racing Team of San Jose, California

aluNID® has been for years one of the star collaborators of different teams participating in Formula Student, a motor racing between students of universities all around the world that promotes the excellence in engineering, where every university team design and build every single-seater vehicle which it then competes.

This year at first time aluNID® collaborates with Spartan Racing Team of American University of San Jose, California by donating aluminium honeycomb core to its single-seater project it is carrying out this season 2021-2022. The Spartan Racing Team is made up of a large and experienced team that has participated in several competitions in both California and Michigan in the electric and combustion vehicle categories.

The team will use the aluminium honeycomb core as a key element to the chassis which will bring lightness to the vehicle making it being able to achieve speed easily and reduces the consumption of fuel. Likewise, it has an extra strength by taking the full impact in case of collision. aluNID®, being made of aluminium 100% has exemplary fire protection and is anticorrosive, two very important properties to guarantee driver safety.

aluNID®, it is already a reference partner in Formula Student and is very proud to sponsor, help and promote the human talent of the Spartan Racing Team.

aluNID®, research and development within everyone’s reach and for everyone. Investing in the future.

ALUCOIL NORTH AMERICA returns to the AIA show