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ALUCOIL launches its new website!

ALUCOIL, manufacturer of advanced materials for architecture, transport and industry launches its new website. ALUCOIL, premieres virtual portal with a new updated image, renewed, elegant, more modern, intuitive and very visual. A website 100% adapted to the diversity of target audiences to which it is directed, with all the information at your fingertips at the click of […]

Clemente González Soler participates in the VIII elEconomista Industrial Forum.

The economic newspaper elEconomista held yesterday the VIII Industrial Forum under the title “Spain moves towards zero waste: Mobility and technology, keys to sustainable growth in industry“. The event was opened by Ms. Raquel Sánchez Jiménez, Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda. This was followed by the round table “Innovation for sustainable development and […]

Airfin 100+, antibacterial properties for refrigeration equipment

In the R&D department of ALUCOAT, looking to answer our customer’s needs and in our intention to extend the properties of our current products, ALUCOAT has developed the new Airfin 100+.  This new product is designed for the product of finstock for heat exchangers. Thanks to this new development now with antibacterial properties and moreover heat resistance corrosion, this guarantee the […]

aluNID®, an example of circular economy and sustainability

aluNID® has been ever committed with the environment and circular economy. Proof of this is that all the products that we produce in this business area are ecodesigned, that means, since the first approach and passing for the development and up to finish with life cycle, aluNID® respects your environment. This is possible because, for the elaboration of […]

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING always “thinking about providing solutions”

ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING, leading manufacturer of semi-rigid and lacquered aluminium packaging, has a wide range of solutions for the food world. The wide and diverse world of food packaging demands multiple shapes, colours and different uses, that is why ALIBERICO FOOD PACKAGING manufactures and invests great efforts in R&D to cover all the needs that arise in the […]

larcore® technology, the best solution for eco-transport and smart cities

larcore® aluminium honeycomb panels, manufactured with unique technology worldwide, and customized to the maximum detail for each client, are increasingly in demand by the largest mass transportation manufacturers. larcore® panels offer incredible performance especially in terms of rigidity and lightness, as well as large dimensions, which means high savings in energy consumption and reduced CO2 […]

aluNID® even present in art galleries

The aluNID® aluminium honeycomb core is exhibited in Zurich thanks to ALUCOAT‘s collaboration with Swiss artist Esther Mathis. Esther Mathis, an avant-garde artist who uses innovative materials in her works, has extensive experience in the world of the arts. On this occasion, she has decided to make the honeycomb core, aluNID®, an important element in […]

The compromise of ALUCOAT: recyclability and sustainability

ALUCOAT, is an expert in coating aluminium coils between 20 and 500 microns thick. ALUCOAT supplies materials certified as “safe materials” to a wide range of sectors such as food, pharmacy, insulation, construction, among others and in its daily activity contributes to global sustainability, recycling all the aluminium waste generated when coating. Aluminium is one […]