IDALSA committed to the s-X-AIPI Artificial Intelligence Project

IDALSA remains deeply involved in the s-X-AIPI project, aimed at revolutionising the European industry through artificial intelligence. This initiative (self-X Artificial Intelligence for European Process Industry digital transformation) leads the way towards a more innovative and sustainable industry. IDALSA‘s participation in this pioneering project enables the integration of cutting-edge technologies into its operations, optimising processes and resources for more efficient and environmentally-friendly production.

“The aim of this project is to provide existing process industries and their workers with operational agility, performance improvement through different indicators, and sustainability tools based on state-of-the-art AI for the design, development, engineering, operation, and monitoring of their plants, products, and value chains.”

With over 28,500 projected use cases in the European Union and a target of over 42,000 userss-X-AIPI aims not only to revolutionise the industry but also to improve workers’ conditions. The goal is to update skills and qualifications, ensuring safer and more attractive working conditions.

As we have seen, s-X-AIPI emerges as a transformative force driving the European industry towards the digital age, embracing artificial intelligence to enhance efficiency, reduce environmental footprint, and empower workers in the process. Undoubtedly, a major milestone in this new industrial era increasingly focused on sustainable productivity.

With a firm commitment to digital transformation and sustainability, IDALSA demonstrates its leadership in the industry by adopting innovative solutions that not only drive operational efficiency but also promote responsible business practices and the circular economy. The future of the European industry appears more innovative and sustainable thanks to the vision and action of companies like IDALSA.

IDALSA, with digital transformation and sustainable development.