RedBOND launches “Advanced”, the first and only panel worldwide certified by HP

After two years of intensive research and development, RedBOND introduces the new RedBOND Advanced to the large format digital printing market. It is a unique product worldwide with very high digital printing features, endorsed by the certification of the American multinational HP.

Madrid, December 17,2020.- RedBOND, a Grupo Aliberico’s company specialized in the production of aluminium panels for digital printing, has launched the new product RedBOND Advanced, the first and only aluminium composite panel worldwide that has managed to be certified by HP for its latex inks.

RedBOND Advanced is the result of two intense years of research and development work carried out by a technical and multidisciplinary team that has included technicians from Alucoat Conversion, specialists in lacquering aluminium coils, and professionals from HP, a specialized American company in printing technologies.

The new RedBOND Advanced manages to solve the printing problems of this type of formats, achieving a much more vivid printing finishes, in which the images seem to come alive. In addition, thanks to its technology, the inks adhere uniformly and with great force to the surface, avoiding any detachment of the ink on the panel. The results have been collated in various technologies and manufacturers of large format printers, as well as in latex technology, the ecological alternative to conventional solvent ink, developed by HP.

The unique characteristics of RedBOND Advanced, which have allowed it to be the first and only aluminium composite panel in the world to be certified by HP for its latex inks, resistant to water and without emitting harmful odors, and the fact that it is made of aluminium, infinitely recyclable material, make this product the most environmentally friendly solution (SDG 13).

About RedBOND

Located in Alicante, and with a strategy based on research and technological innovation, RedBOND has revolutionized the sector of aluminium composite panels for digital printing, to the point of having reduced its delivery times to just two weeks.

The company exports more than 90% of its production, supplying mainly to the European and North African markets, and will soon do so also to the North American market.

Since the beginning of its operations in 2012, the company has not stopped growing, having tripled its turnover in the last 4 years and doubled its workforce and production capacity through various investments. In addition, it has recently acquired land for the construction of a second factory in Alicante.

Happy 2021!

The year 2020 ends, which we will all remember. A year that has taught us the importance of adapting to new environments, the flexibility of anticipating and unite us in situations never before experienced. We want to thank all those who have been with us in such a difficult year.

We face 2021 with a lot of ILLUSION and PASSION, full of important and innovative projects to continue taking care of people and the environment with advanced solutions in aluminium.

Aliberico, kick off in the match CF Femenino Olympia las Rozas – Móstoles

Clemente González Soler, President of Aliberico, official sponsor of the Olympia las Rozas Women’s Football Club, kicked off the second day of the Real Federación Madrileña de Fútbol Preferente Femenino Juvenil League last Saturday, November 28. The match was also attended by the Sports Councillor of the Las Rozas Town Hall, Mr. Juan Cabrera, who also supported women’s soccer.

It was an exciting match in which the high technical level of the Olympia players, with a great dose of illusion and effort, resulted in a 4-1 victory. The first goal of the CFF Olympia Las Rozas also came with a very special detail dedicating it to the granddaughter of the President of Aliberico, also present there.

Aliberico, proud sponsor of the preferential youth team of the Women’s Football Club Olympia Las Rozas, is committed to sport, health and wellbeing (SDG 3), gender equality and equal opportunities (SDG 5).

aluNID®, honeycomb core for airflows and coolers

aluNID® honeycomb core is the ideal material to optimize air circulation in ventilation systems and refrigerators. Thanks to the efficiency of the honeycomb core, it is possible to considerably reduce energy consumption (SDG 12), thus optimizing refrigeration equipment.

The aluNID® aluminium honeycomb core can be manufactured in any thickness and measure, adapting to the needs of our clients, always complying with their requests.

Thanks to its unique production process on the market and its hexagonal structure, aluNID® ensures a uniform air distribution, while forming a solid structure that guarantees the strength and longevity of the air charge cooler design.

aluNID®, honeycomb for the most demanding applications on the market.


The Group plans to build a new, fully digitized and sustainable plant in 2021 to increase the export of its RedBOND composite panels.

Madrid, November 20th – Aliberico, the leading Spanish and European family group manufacturing semi-processed aluminium products, chaired by Clemente González Soler, has closed the purchase of land from Repsol in Alicante, located in Avenida de Elche, to build its second factory in this city.

Aliberico already has a factory in Alicante belonging to its subsidiary, RedBOND Composites, which was created in 2012 with the start-up of a production line for aluminium panels for digital printing. In 2018 a second manufacturing line was installed, built with in-house technology, to expand its production capacity and diversify its product range, achieving in terms of dimmensions the largest panels on the market. The company manufactures products specially designed for digital printing and corporate image and its quality is recognized and approved by the main printer manufacturers worldwide.

The acquisition of this land and the construction of the new factory reflects the growth that this company has experinced, investing in industry and innovation and achieving agreements with the most important European distributors in the sector and with a clear international vocation, exporting more than 95% of its production.

On the land acquired from Repsol, Aliberico will build a new plant in 2021, adjacent to its current facilities, which will consist of an industrial building of 7,500 square meters specially designed to reach the American markets, especially the United States where the Group already has a presence through its subsidiary Alucoil North America, which owns a plant of 81,000m2 in South Carolina.

Despite the difficult situation of global crisis, Aliberico continues to invest in industry and innovation. The design and construction of this new plant will be based on an efficient and sustainable building with a high level of digitalization.


We are food
We are beverages
We are pharmacy
We are building
We are refrigeration
We are isolates
We are innovation
We are advanced technology
We are quality
We are customer service
We are sustainability
We are commitment
We are passion

We design tailor-made solutions for each customer. We are ALUCOAT.

ALUCOIL MARINE, with larcore® panels, contributes to the construction of the first fast gas-powered ferry in the world.

On September 18th, the new “Fast – Ferry” of the company BALEARIA, the catamaran ship Eleanor Roosvelt, was launched.

Built by Astilleros Armón, in Gijón, this fast ferry is 123 meters long and 28 meters wide. It is built entirely in aluminium and is the first in the world to be powered by liquid gas, a great advance in the care of the environment and the marine environment.

ALUCOIL, manufacturer of advanced materials for building, industry and transport, has supplied, through OLIVER DESIGN, the company responsible for the interior fitting out, larcore® panels in different finishes, which have been installed in the bulkheads, ceilings and doors of the different interior areas of the ship.

larcore® is a sandwich panel with an aluminium honeycomb core, formed in a continuous industrial process and certified according to the international IMO MED standards for its application in the naval sector. It is an extremely light and resistant material and its excellent properties make it easy to machine and perfect for naval applications. In addition, it is very rigid, and resistant to tension and compression loads.

This is how ALUCOIL, in its commitment to industry, innovation and infrastructure (SDG 9) contributes to the creation of more sustainable and pioneering ships in the market.

ALUCOIL MARINE, advanced solutions for maritime transport.

aluNID®, 3/8”cell drilled honeycomb core

aluNID® has developed a 3/8 ”cell drilled aluminium honeycomb core. A new configuration that, without losing its characteristics of resistance to fire and corrosion, improves the stability and lightness of the product, while optimizing air circulation in composite panels.

With this new product, aluNID® Drilled, a totally new, flexible and resistant honeycomb is available for sale, conceived for interior design systems, as well as for air flow systems in ventilated panels.

The aluNID® honeycomb core is manufactured with the most advanced technologies, innovating day after day, and improving the efficiency of our products.

aluNID®, in continuous development with market advances (SDG 9).


The agreement allows Aliberico to advance with its technology in the field of energy efficiency within the building sector.

Aliberico, the Spanish multinational group in the aluminium sector, has reached a strategic agreement with Sunthalpy Engineering, the technological company specialized in the construction of 100% solar homes, through which it becomes a shareholder.
The agreement is part of the policy of technological innovation and development of new market segments undertaken by Aliberico, including energy efficiency within the building sector.
Aliberico, through its subsidiary Alucoil, a world leader in the manufacture of panels for facades of remarkable buildings, with its brands larson® and larcore®, will carry out an integration of its materials with the patented technology of solar capture of Sunthalpy Engineering, which will be added to the development of a set of solutions to optimize the energy of buildings.
Also, Aliberico will contribute to the development and growth of Sunthalpy Engineering through the set of technological and commercial synergies that Alucoil provides, with an organization present in 80 countries on five continents.
Sunthalpy Engineering has built in Oviedo, Spain, its first pilot house completely disconnected from any external energy supply. The property is already inhabited and is preparing to spend next winter maintaining all the comfort by simply using the sunlight -what the Asturian clouds let through- that falls on its facade. This technological landmark makes possible today, in 2020, the objective marked to create a world free of greenhouse effect emissions in 2050.
Sunthalpy has created the low enthalpy solar building. It is a system of solar capture and accumulation integrated into the building, which is patented at European level and allows to convert into thermal solar panels of very high efficiency any facade or roof material (such as those manufactured by Alucoil) being able to cover all energy needs of buildings, even on completely overcast winter days.

ALUCOAT, aligned with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

ALUCOAT, specialist in lacquering aluminium between 20 and 500 microns develop actions in its daily activity to collaborate with Sustainable Development Goals.

The activity of our plant, like any other industrial activity, generates waste. From the aluminium lacquering process, all the residues that are generates are properly treated, thus preventing the proliferation of unmanaged waste and residues, and thus avoiding the contamination of the water resources of our ecosystem by leaks and/or possible spills (SDG 6).

Moreover, aware of caring for the planet and optimization of resources, an Energy Management System ISO 50.001, has been implemented in the plant, whose objective is to reduce the consumption of the energy supply, as well as the increase in renewable energies and the reduction of CO₂ emissions into the atmosphere (SDG 12).

All these actions form part of our Good Environmental and Energy Practices where we show not only the procedures that must be complied with by law, but also a list of improvements that guarantee compliance and good work of ALUCOAT.

ALUCOATcommitted with the environment and natural resources. Fighting for the future of the planet and the well-being of future generations (SDG 13).