ALIBERICO; today and always supporting women

Today is International Women’s Day. Promoting gender equality is essential in all areas of a society, therefore, ALIBERICO today and always has developed an internal policy based on equal opportunities and an internal promotion policy based on own merits, regardless of gender, ethnicity or religion.

The success of gender equality in ALIBERICO is reflected in the fact that, despite belonging to an industrial sector with a majority presence of men, in ALIBERICO 52% of the management positions are headed by women, including managers of the largest factories with a more international presence.

In addition, ALIBERICO is a proud sponsor of Olympia Las Rozas Women’s Football Club. Together they defend messages and values where equality, effort, illusion and passion are the key to a prosperous and fair society, free of discriminations and inequalities.

On a day as important as today, ALIBERICO values the role of women in society and will continue working on a culture based on effort, without discrimination, fighting for a common goal: a better, more equal and fairer society.

ALIBERICO committed to gender equality (SDG 5).