The best quality to insulation systems: airfin® y waterfin®

In the heat, you have to be very careful and offer solutions to combat high temperatures. One of the solutions most sough-after solutions at this time of year are the air-conditioned rooms because is where you can enjoy a better environment and pleasant temperatures.

For the production of air-conditioning systems or units is fundamental to use materials with excellent properties to thermic transmission and resistance to corrosion, such as aluminium. ALUCOAT is specialist in coated aluminium coils and has developed its high quality products airfin® and waterfin® to the production of different components to refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment.

  • airfin® is specifically designed to air-conditioning systems in large areas such as stores, shopping malls, but also automobiles, ships and trains. This is focused in the production of finstock to heat exchangers and, based on the hydrophobic properties and corrosion resistance, airfin® has a variety of products:
  • airfin® 100: this is the ideal coating solution to avoid fin corrosion. Based on epoxy resins especially designed for this application, this material offers the desired protection in a wide range of colours.
  • airfin® 300: this is designed to guarantee the properties of the product without being affected by U.V. rays or others chemicals reactions.
  • airfin® 400: fins made with this material are at least 300% more resistant to corrosion than bare aluminum.
  • airfin® 500: ALL IN ONE. The quality of airfin® 500 strengthen the resistance to corrosion and guarantee a life extension of the heat exchangers.

waterfin® offers two products with high hydrophobic properties that avoid the generation of ice bridges. It is intended for the manufacture of smaller heat exchanger systems and specifically designed for the food industry, heating and air conditioning systems for buildings, such as offices. Its two products are:

  • waterfin® 100: It is the ideal solution to standard working environments.
  • waterfin® 700: It has a double layer material with a high resistance to corrosion and for this reason, this is the best solution for working environments with high level of contamination.

In addition, for an extra in terms of resistance to corrosion, our products airfin® and waterfin® can be improved with the pre-treatment Alucoat® prelac Chrome free, that multiply the resistance to corrosion of coated aluminium.

ALUCOAT, the best choice for the production of heat exchangers, refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.